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The Right Fit For Your Goals

Which Property Press Release

When purchasing a brand-new property, one of your first decisions is whether to buy off-the-plan or completed. In their latest issue of Property Insight, Which Property explores the possibilities of purchasing off-the-plan or completed and how they fit into your investment strategy.

While both options have their advantages, your ultimate decision will depend on your financial situation and ongoing goals” said Mark Borrill, Managing Director of Which Property.
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So which is the best option?

Ultimately, there are benefits to both off-the-plan and completed properties, said Mr Borrill, so your decision should be based on what you are comfortable with and your individual financial goals.

Buying off-the-plan isn’t for everyone; emotional choices are easier to make on completed properties, particularly for owner-occupiers. In this respect, purchasing a completed property minimises risks and surprises, and there are added tax benefits, as outlined in the latest Property Insight Newsletter.

Meanwhile, buying off-the-plan can provide greater choice and provide you with some extra time, both of which can have a great impact on your property portfolio and ongoing financial gains.

To find out more on the benefits of purchasing an off-the-plan or complete investment property, check out the latest Property Insight Newsletter from Which Property


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