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Bushnell Releases The Brand New Tour V3 Range Finder

After several years in development, Bushnell has released the much anticipated Bushnell Tour V3 Golf Laser Range Finder. Embracing new technology and feedback provided by Golfers, Bushnell has released the Tour V3 in 2 variants, the standard edition which is legal for tournament play and the slope edition. All the features from the Tour V2 the golfing community has come to love such as the Pinseeker Technology and zoom reticle is still available for that precise measurement.

Aiding the PinSeeker and also making it easier to find the exact distance. Bushnell has developed a JOLT System for both the Tour V3 Laser Range Finder. Instead of waiting for that flash in the screen for the distance to be measured, Bushnell has attached a vibrating motor to give a small “Jolt” of vibration once the Pinseeker locks on to the flag.

In addition to that, the Bushnell V3 Slope Edition features an updated and more accurate software to provide more accurate measurements and distance calculation when taking the slope of the course into account.

While the previous Bushnell V2 Laser Range Finder was partially waterproof and the Bushnell SKINZ were recommended for protection against water. The new Tour V3 is Water Resistant and can be used in the rain and even snow if needed.

Bushnell is a world leader in Sport-Optics. With sixty-five years of development and experience in Riflescopes, Rangefinders, Binoculars, Spotting Scopes and even Telescopes. Bushnell is a brand that is trusted by all types of users from hunters to birdwatchers.