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Online Pet Accessories Implores Pet Owners: Please Keep Your Pets Safe from Disasters

Online retailer of discount pet supplies offers a virtual manifesto for keeping pets safe during and after natural disasters.

Ellenbrook, Western Australia, March 21, 2013 - It’s been a rough year for natural disasters in Australia. More often than not in 2013, a typhoon, a flood, or a bushfire has been in the news. Online Pet Accessories, who distribute discount pet supplies, such as dog collars and dog toys, have found themselves put into the position of being an authority on keeping pets safe and healthy.

This is even more important and more difficult during and immediately following a natural disaster. Whether a family stays at home during a disaster, or whether they evacuate, it creates a new and unfamiliar set of circumstances for both the family and their pets.

Online Pet Accessories carries a full line of products for most pets, including most supplies that are necessary to keep pets safe during natural disasters. Consequently, they often find themselves in the position of offering advice to their customers. In the spirit of helping people keep their pets safe, Online Pet Accessories recently published a blog post designed to serve as a guide for pet owners who are either enduring or fleeing from natural disasters.

Their first piece of advice is to make sure that every pet has a collar and tag with the pet’s name, and the household address and phone number. They also mention the availability of microchips which can be implanted into a pet, thus allowing the pet to be located at all times.

Online Pet Accessories also recommends that pet owners compile a list of places where they can take their pets in case of a natural disaster. They suggest that the list include facilities from many different areas, as those in the local area will be sustaining the same natural disaster as the pet owners, and therefore would not be of much use. Suggestions include motels, hotels, grooming facilities, boarding kennels, and veterinary clinics which may open their doors during a natural disaster.

Another suggestion is to take at least one week’s supply of food for any pet. Dry food should be kept in waterproof, airtight containers. If the food is canned, it cannot be left out in the warm air, as it can cause pet food poisoning. The post also reminds pet owners to make sure that they have a can opener that works, or cans with pull-tops.

The blog post goes on to provide the makings of a disaster plan template for keeping pets safe. Jason Balchand, owner of Online Pet Accessories, provides a strong voice as an advocate for the rights and safety of animals: “Years ago, we established Online Pet Accessories for one basic reason: we love animals. Since then, we’ve been fortunate enough to be in a position where a lot of people ask us for advice on how to take care of their pets.”

Balchand continued, “When a natural disaster strikes, people are somewhere between stressed out and panicking, and sometimes it’s difficult for them to remember everything they need to do to ensure their pet’s safety.”

Balchand concluded, “We carry all the pet supplies necessary for your disaster kit. We hope you never have to use it, but it feels a lot better knowing that you are prepared for any emergency that arises.”

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