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How much does a modular boundary wall cost?

EstateWall, VogueWall or TrendWall, what's the price difference?

"Due to the time efficient nature of a Modular Wall System boundary wall installation, complete project pricing is typically much more economical compared to a conventional brick or masonry wall."


Modular Wall Systems supply a wide variety of residential and commercial wall types. 
Specific wall types, variations in height and customisation are all reflected in the final cost of your project.

What follows below is an indication of prices you can expect to pay for the most popular modular garden walls.

Price Indication residential walls
(Indicative price per square meter EX GST and freight, no customisation (no infill or gates), supply only)


EstateWall  $147.00
(Incorporates the AcoustiMax 75 Sound Reduction Panel)


VogueWall  $134.00
(Incorporates the AcoustiMax 75 Sound Reduction Panel)


TrendWall  $117.00
(Incorporates the AcoustiMax 40 Sound Reduction Panel)

Commercial walls
Modular Wall Systems are also very well established as the industry leading provider of commercial, mining, infrastructure, acoustic and noise barrier walls. 
For commercial wall prices or project specific pricing contact Modular Wall Systems: 1300 556 957 or visit the website: www.modularwalls.com.au