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Acoustic Fences - 6 Reasons Why They Are Ideal For Suburban Residences

Acoustic Fences - 6 Reasons Why They Are Ideal For Suburban Residences

Suburban neighbourhoods can hardly be called noise-free zones. If you live in one, you might crave some peace and quiet but fail to find it, even in your own back yard. There is always some form of noise to intrude upon your siesta, be it the traffic outside, the construction in progress nearby or the friendly chatter of your next door neighbour.


What can help you keep the noise out is a high quality acoustic fence, and SlimWall Designer Fencing is one such option available in the market. Here are six ways in which these fences are ideal sound reduction options for suburban residences.

Keep the noise out with a high quality acoustic fence

1. They act as effective sound barriers
SlimWall Designer Fences utilise AcoustiMax 50 fence panels, which are typically capable of a 20+dB reduction in audible noise on the inside of the fence panel*
*site and terrain dependent, every result will differ and this is offered as a generic guide only

2. They are easy to install
SlimWall consists of only a few components, which makes it an easy-to-install DIY fencing option. While you can arrange for a factory installation, doing it yourself is just as easy. You’ll have plenty of help along the way with freely available guides and how-to videos.

3. They are ready to accept a wide variety of features
SlimWall is equipped with handy provisions for useful features such as letterboxes, intercoms, lighting, gates, decorative slats and infills. The versatility of the SlimWall fence means that the end result will perfectly match the architectural integrity of the home. This is also what makes SlimWall so popular compared to fencing options that do not allow for stylish integration with the existing look of the home.

4. They are of the highest quality
SlimWall fences are manufactured by Modular Wall Systems to the strictest international ISO9001 quality control standards. This means that you can rely on ease of installation, a premium product and excellence in customer service. Modular Wall Systems also takes their environmental responsibility seriously and is registered as a carbon offset company.

5. They add privacy and style to your home
A SlimWall Designer Fence is a good choice if you want to increase the privacy of your living space whilst also adding value to your home. Its wall panels have been crafted to accept acrylic paint and textured paint, so you can decide on a variety of finishes for your wall. Individual neighbours can choose their own preferred finish on each side of the wall, possibly avoiding some unnecessary disputes!

6. They are cost effective
SlimWall saves you the hassle of having to search the market for construction materials, hire installers (although that is also an option), worry about strip footings, chipping or cracking. In the long run, this translates into money saved, which is music to the ears of any home owner.

All in all, if you’re looking for a fence that reduces noise around your home, adds value and a touch of class, an acoustic fence such as SlimWall is an excellent option.

SlimWall Designer Fences offer proven noise reduction and a stylish, designer look.