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Modular Wall Systems Selected As Finalist In 3 Categories For The 2013 Manufacturers' Monthly Endeavour Awards

For SlimWall Designer Fences, QuikWall re-locatable temporary walling solution and ThermaMax one-step modular insulation panel


Hosted by Australia’s leading magazine for the manufacturing industry, Manufacturers’ Monthly, the Endeavour Awards program celebrates and recognises the achievements of industry leaders in their drive to achieve ‘best practice’ in manufacturing. A record number of entries have been received this year, making this the biggest event in the 10 year history of the Awards. A total of 13 awards will be presented on the Awards night. Each award will celebrate the achievements of the people behind some of the country's most innovative manufacturing companies.

Modular Wall Systems' has been nominates as a finalist in 3 categories:
1. Australian Consumer/Trade Product of the Year Award for SlimWall Designer Fences
2. Australian Industrial Product of the Year Award for ThermaMax panel
3. Australian Steel Innovation of the Year Award for QuikWall

Read more about these products in the rest of this article.

Final winners will be announced on the 9th May 2013, during Australia’s biggest and best Manufacturing Awards night of the year. More about the Manufacturers' Monthly Endeavour Awards

SlimWall Designer Fences: a beautiful home deserves a stylish fence

SlimWall Designer Fences is the popular panel fencing innovation that combines a stylish, premium look with proven noise reduction qualities. No longer do home owners need to settle for a fence that does not match the architectural integrity of their homes, or suffer the inceasing noise levels in (sub)urban neighbourhouds. Designed with the DIY handyman in mind, SlimWall is installed within a few days. SlimWall can be custom finished to seamlessly integrate with the existing look of the home. Adding slats, infills, lighting and even a texture paint finish, it's all possible with SlimWall next generation fencing.

ThermaMax Panel: one-step modular insulation solution

ThermaMax Panel provides an innovative, all-in-one modular insulation solution which represents a major improvement on traditional, multi-step installations. ThermaMax Panels sit in conventional beam and girt structures that are widely used in the mining & energy sector.  The application of ThermaMax Panels results in significant efficiencies in term of cost, time and environmental impact. ThermaMax Panels can be used and adapted for curtain walling, free standing walls or any other developments or projects that require a solution for sites exposed to high temperatures. ThermaMax is also ideally suited as a solution for combustible environments.

QuikWall: the world’s first moveable, height extendable temporary walling solution

Used by Australia’s leading mining and construction companies, QuikWall represents Modular Wall System’s innovative and creative spirit and ability to respond to an identified customer need. Through extensive research and development and in consultation with major mining companies, Modular Wall Systems developed the first free standing, relocatable, lightweight and height adjustable temporary noise wall in the world.  The application of QuikWall results in significant efficiencies in term of cost, time and environmental impact.