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Record breaking flight helps Greyhound plight

Tim Howes, who took his first flight at age 13 years old, is reaching for the skies to break a new Australian aviation record.

Tim plans to set a new Australian record for the number take-off and landings completed in a single day – all in the name of helping greyhounds. He will attempt to beat the current record of 102 take offs and landings aiming for 120. He’ll complete the feat in an open cockpit ultra-light aircraft called a Drifter near Lismore, on May 4, 2013.

As well as breaking records, Tim also hopes to raise awareness of the plight of greyhounds and how great they are as pets. As a proud owner of a greyhound adopted from ‘Friends of the Hound’, raising awareness about these dogs is close to Tim’s heart.

Friends of the Hound Inc. is a non-profit, volunteer based group that aims is to raise awareness and educate the public about greyhound welfare and the breed’s suitability as family pets and companions.  Money raised from the event will help Friends of the Hound to continue its work to save the lives of greyhounds.

“It is a record that I have wanted to crack for some time now. I also wanted some way of letting people know about this cause. So this was a perfect opportunity to do both”, explained Tim.

“Greyhounds are gentle, friendly and really affectionate. They are quiet, great with kids and other animals, and surprisingly lazy,” Tim said.

Lisa White, President of Friends of the Hound said, “There are widespread misconceptions about the breed and with Tim’s help we can promote greyhounds as pets and change the perception of them as ‘just a racing dog’.”

Tim hopes to achieve this record and raise funds for Friends of the Hound with help of friends and sponsors. Sponsorship opportunities are available.

For more information and sponsorship opportunities go to fly.friendsofthehound.org.au.