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Car buyers voting with their wallet – buying online to save money

CarAdvice.com.au reveals new service that is saving new car buyers thousands of dollars.

1st May, 2013 – Sydney, Australia: New car buyers are saving thousands of dollars on their next car purchase thanks to leading automotive site new service, CarAdvice // Best Price.


Already servicing hundreds of thousands of new car buyers every month with a blend of news, reviews, video and owner reviews, CarAdvice also uniquely provides buyers the opportunity to negotiate and purchase anonymously online – saving thousands of dollars in the process.


After specifying the exact car they want, new car buyers can choose to calculate the Drive-away price or get real-time offers via CarAdvice // Best Price.


The service uses geographic targeting to contact dealers within a buyer’s area, who are invited to provide their best price for the specified car.


New car buyers can then directly compare offers from local dealers, negotiate and ask questions from the anonymity of the CarAdvice website – all without ever stepping foot in a dealership.


To date, the Best Price service has generated average savings of 14 per cent - but some dealers have offered as much as 18 per cent off the Drive-away price.  Recent buyer through CarAdvice // Best Price, Laura Jilka from Quakers Hill, said, “CarAdvice was awesome. It streamlined the whole new car purchase process. When I got to the showroom after the deal was made, the salesman was like a normal person - no more sale spin! I ended up saving $2,982 – and all online.”


The new car market in Australia is worth an estimated $160 billion per annum[1]. Data released by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries shows that in 2012 sales increased by 10.3 per cent year on year, reaching a record-breaking 1.112 million.  Competition for customers is fierce, so it’s little surprise that car dealers have embraced the Best Price service as a way to navigate tyre-kickers and focus on firm leads.


“I’m very happy with the CarAdvice // Best Price service,” said Kape, from Zupps Holden/HSV Aspely dealership. “Their service is extremely professional when it comes to communicating with the buyer in order for them to accept my offer.”


Users of the CarAdvice // Best Price service pay $29 up front, refunded once they accept a dealer offer – a policy which CarAdvice CEO, David Holmes, views as crucial to the success of CarAdvice // Best Price.


“CarAdvice.com.au does things a little differently to other auto sites. To start, we already have more than 291,000 unique audience[2] a month. That’s a huge number of new car buyers that are already researching their next automotive purchase. All we’re doing is offering the natural next step; saying to car buyers “Hey – we know you’re busy, so let us save you the pain of spending your weekend visiting dealerships. We’ll do the legwork and find you low, low prices, so you can compare them in one, simple site.


“Our customers are happy to pay a refundable fee because they know they’re going to receive great offers and save thousands of dollars. And dealers are happy to submit great offers because they know they’re engaging genuine buyers who’ve actually paid to receive pricing,” he added. “You don’t get a much better deal than that.”


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Notes to the editor: 

About Laura Jilka’s online sale via CarAdvice // Best Price:

Laura Jilka from Quakers Hill purchased a Toyota Yaris YRX for just $22,000 Drive-Away.

The recommended Drive-Away price (according to Redbook) for this model with is $24,982.

Laura Jilka received a saving of $2,982 or 12 per cent discount off the Drive-Away by using CarAdvice // Best Price

CarAdvice // Best Price quick facts:

The CarAdvice // Best Price service launched on Thursday, 2nd August 2012.

Over 498,102 visits to the CarAdvice // Best Price site since launch (Source: Google Analytics, 1st August 2012 – 31st March 2013)

Average potential savings per deal observed to date:  $5,817 or 14 per cent off Drive-Away Pricing

Highest potential savings observed to date:  $14,917 or 18 per cent off Drive-Away Pricing (Jeep Cherokee)

Most popular new cars searched via Best Price include: Ford Focus, VW Golf, Mazda 2, VW Polo.

Watch the CarAdvice // Best Price ‘How it works’ video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOfnsLyP5Ic

About CarAdvice.com.au:

Launched in Australia in 2006, CarAdvice.com.au offers the best news, reviews and video reviews with a focus on new cars. With a huge library of content, CarAdvice.com.au is the fastest-growing automotive site in Australia, ranked fourth in the automotive category, with over 291,000 unique audience per month (Source: Nielsen MAR 2012).  The site is owned and operated by CarAdvice.com.au Pty Ltd.

[1] Source: FCAI  / Department of Innovation Industry, Science, Research and Tertiary Education, JULY 2012 AUTOMOTIVE UPDATE.

[2] Source: Nielsen Netview Hybrid, March 2013