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ducation, Film, Post-Production & Creative Sectors Set to Benefit from Cloud Technology for First Time

creative sector trials address content security and auditing challenges while giving virtual teams access to latest specialised graphics applications

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Education, Film, Post-Production & Creative Sectors Set to Benefit from Cloud Technology for First Time

~ creative sector trials address content security and auditing challenges while giving virtual teams access to latest specialised graphics applications ~

Melbourne, Australia, August 13 2013 – Innovation from local and global technology companies is set to help Australia's film, post-production, creative and education sectors take advantage of technology previously only available to research, scientific and academic institutions to address long-standing industry challenges.

XENON’s new device-agnostic cloud-based solution, powered by NVIDIA® GRID™ graphics processing technology, allows better control of content and assets, often a critical issue in the film and creative industries as leakages become more commonplace. It also makes the auditing compliance processes required for Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) easier.

Now, people working on any device and any operating system in any location (increasingly their own through the Bring Your Own Device trend) can gain secure access to the latest high quality graphics-intensive editing, design and post-production applications to deliver work. This simultaneously helps improve real-time collaboration, rendering and modelling, all while cutting licensing costs.

NVIDIA GRID is the world’s first graphics processing unit (GPU) technology designed for the cloud, providing users of graphically-intensive CAD, animation and visualisation software with highly responsive virtual desktops and rich multimedia experiences. Prior to NVIDIA GRID, these applications were too graphically-intensive to be virtualised and run in the cloud, requiring that users equip their PCs or workstation with dedicated GPUs.

Melbourne-based XENON Systems, a specialist in high-performance computing solutions consultancy, has been appointed as the first NVIDIA GRID Demo Centre for Australia and New Zealand and invested significantly in training and resources to establish a specialist demonstration centre in Melbourne. Working with its media and entertainment sales and consultancy partner, StormFX, the new technology is currently being evaluated at a number of film and post-production houses in Australia.

The new technology, similar to that delivered by XENON at CSIRO, will also help universities deliver courses in these specialised fields online and remotely, while still providing access to the applications and demonstration content required.

“Creative companies and universities have challenges very specific to their nature of business – leaks in the film sector can cost a lot of money and momentum, while universities want to deliver courses virtually. Both use very specialised and computing intensive technologies which impact the delivery of their product. NVIDIA GRID technology combined with XENON's expertise provides the only viable future solution for these industries,” said Martin Leibowitz, Managing Director at Storm FX.

“We've developed a specialism in creating useable solutions from complex technologies to address the challenges faced in intensive data and content industry verticals, such as film, animation, research and academia, to provide the link between technology, innovation and business processes. We're proud to be named as NVIDIA’s GRID Demo Centre in Australia, and working with our partner, Storm FX, to be trialling this in the real world,” said Dragan Dimitrovici, Founder and Managing Director at XENON Systems.

“The combination of XENON technology and NVIDIA GRID will provide remote users with the same no-compromises experience they have come to expect from dedicated GPU-based systems, even for the most demanding graphics applications,” said Mark Patane, Country Manager, Australia/New Zealand, at NVIDIA. “We’re working with XENON to bring an entirely new level of performance, flexibility and functionality to academics, animators and post-production specialists throughout Australia.”


About Storm FX

Storm FX is the leader in providing design, modelling and finishing solutions and services. It partners with a diverse range of companies to offer solutions that span from creative and procedural software, generic and specialised storage, to high performance visual and audio requirements.

Storm FX’s strategic partnerships, accredited skills and expertise with leading technology vendors bring a localised servicing approach to an international range of products.

For further information, please contact Storm FX1300 061 007 | marketing@stormfx.com.au | or visit http://www.stormfx.com.au.

About XENON Systems

XENON is an Australian leader in HPC solutions. It focuses on providing tailored and innovative IT solutions to our clients that will enhance their business activities by delivering superior: high performance computing, server, storage and visual workstation technology. Its product portfolio is embraced by scientific, technical and creative communities to solve challenging data intensive computing and visualisation problems.

XENON partners with NVIDIA, Intel, Microsoft, DDN and Panasas among others.

Further information about XENON can be found at http://www.xenon.com.au/

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