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DG MediaMind and Mi9 partner to enable advertisers to deliver personalised ads

Mi9's big data and DG MediaMind's Smart Versioning technology integrate to allow advertisers to serve micro-targeted ads to lift CTR results by an average of 47 percent. [1]

Sydney, Australia, 2 May, 2013 - DG MediaMind, the leading independent provider of integrated digital advertising solutions, and Mi9, one of Australia’s leading digital media companies, today announced a strategic partnership that will allow online advertisers to automatically generate and deliver customised ads to hundreds of audience segments based on any combination of geographic, behavioural or demographic data.
The partnership will see Mi9’s high-quality, rich data sources from an ever-growing 14.3 million active accounts, which includes ninemsn homepage audience data, integrated with DG MediaMind’s Smart Versioning technology, to enable advertisers to micro-target niche consumer groups on an unprecedented scale.  The integration will allow advertisers to serve micro-targeted ads to lift standard CTR results by an average of 47 percent.
“Dynamic ads mean advertisers can now tailor creative messaging based on Mi9's extensive dataset – the result is an infinite number of personalised brand executions served to the right person, at the right time," said Matt James, Managing Director of Mi9 Media.  "As the first Australian publisher to partner with DG and offer this new technology to our clients, we're now able to maximise RoI for our advertisers on a scale not achievable in the past."
Carolyn Bollaci, Regional Vice President of ANZ for DG MediaMind, added: “Smart Versioning uses self-learning algorithms to understand which message gets the best response from each target audience and automatically optimises ads accordingly. By working with advertisers to develop creative with multiple variations appropriate for multiple target audiences, the technology can really lift results.”
Smart Versioning allows advertisers to run ad campaigns with multiple variants. Virtually any variable within an ad can be customised to the consumer groups an advertiser wants to reach, to create thousands of ad versions. The Smart Versioning tool generates ads automatically from Excel or online catalog data via an XML feed, so product SKUs, price codes, images and more can all become variables in an ad. Advertisers can also choose to use Smart Versioning to re-target users who visit their website, or abandon items in a shopping cart, with ads that potentially offer a discount or special deal to encourage them back to purchase.
For more information on DG MediaMind, visit http://www.dgit.com/mediamind, and Mi9, visit http://mi9.com.au
About DG
DG (NASDAQ: DGIT) is the leading global multiscreen advertising management and distribution platform, fueling campaign management across TV, online, mobile and beyond. Through a combination of technology and services, DG empowers brands and advertisers to work faster, smarter and more competitively. Boasting the world’s largest hybrid satellite and internet network for broadcast video delivery, the company’s unparalleled campaign management encompasses multiscreen ad delivery, cross-channel research and analytics, and unified asset management.  The DG product portfolio consists of two overarching product lines for online and video campaign management: MediaMind and VideoFusion.
With New York as a center of operations, DG is a global company that connects over 14,000 advertisers and 7,400 agencies worldwide with their targeted audiences through an expansive network of over 50,000 media destinations across TV broadcast and digital advertising in 78 countries, managing approximately ten percent of the world’s media assets.   For more information, visit http://www.dgit.com.
About Mi9
Mi9 is one of Australia’s leading digital media companies, with the potential to reach up to 66% of the population each month. A joint venture between Microsoft and Nine Entertainment Co, Mi9 is an expansion of the ninemsn business including a range of products and companies spanning publishing, online services, data strategies, consumer insights and advertising technologies.

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