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Rothenberger Awarded for Design and Innovation

ROTHENBERGER ANZ awarded two Good Design® Marks from the Australian International Design Awards

ROTHENBERGER Australia New Zealand, May 2013        FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


Rothenberger Awarded for Design and Innovation


ROTHENBERGER ANZ has received international recognition by being awarded two Good Design® Marks from the Australian International Design Awards for their Kibosh Pipe Repair and Roflare Revolver tools. 

The Awards which recognise form, function, quality, safety and sustainability of a product are judged by leading Australian and international experts in design.

ROTHENBERGER, which has a strong commitment to design, innovation and engineering, only entered these two products in the awards. 

Created by Scottish plumber Ross Dickinson the, recently released, Kibosh Pipe Repair is a unique patented device which provides a professional, affordable, quick and easy emergency repair for burst or perforated pipes, or leaky fittings. 

This quick-fix solution saves the distress and damage of flooding, allowing the pipe to remain in use, while waiting for a plumber to reach the site, locate the isolator or gain access to the pipes (underground/behind walls). It requires no tools or plumbing experience to operate.

The Roflare Revolver employs patented mechanisms to ensure a leak-proof norm-flare can be assured, making it the only flaring tool on the market that can guarantee a norm-flare inside relevant industrial standards.

The compact design of the Roflare Revolver means it is suitable for working in tight areas like ceiling suspended indoor units.

“As a leader in product engineering and pipetool innovation we see it as our duty to deliver the most effective, well thought through, products possible to the market”, said Oliver Taylor Managing Director ROTHENBERGER ANZ.  “I see the Good Design® Marks as proof we are walking our talk.” 

“The Australian International Design Awardsassessment process is recognised as one of the most thorough of all international design recognition programs" explains Brandon Gien, Managing Director of Good Design Australia. 

“By today's standards, quality alone is not enough to differentiate a product from its competitors. 

“Consumers are concerned about performance, value for money, ease of use, safety and environmental impact; this is why both ROTHENBERGER products received this recognition.”




ROTHENBERGER has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative, technologically sophisticated pipe tools and pipe machining equipment in sanitary, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, gas and environmental technologies for more than 60 years. With more than 5,000 items ‘Made by ROTHENBERGER’, the portfolio includes a complete product range for professional users. ROTHENBERGER regards itself as a partner of specialist retailers for tradespeople and industry. Their own production rate of approx. 60%, and more than 180 patents and trademarks are proof of the innovative strength of the ROTHENBERGER products.

About Good Design Australia and the Australian International Design Awards

Good Design Australia is an international design promotion organisation responsible for running the Australian International Design Awards, one of the oldest and most prestigious design awards in the world.  The Design Awards recognise products and services that do not just look good, but work better and provide improved solutions on previous offerings, incorporating and epitomising all aspects of good design. Good Design® recipients are in the running to receive a coveted Australian International Design Award and the prestigious Australian International Design Award® of the Year (given to the best product or service in the overall Awards) will be announced at the 2013 Australian International Design Awards Presentation Ceremony on 30 May in Sydney.