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Travel Industry Professionals Launch New Media & Marketing Tourism & Lifestyle Agency

Creative Planet Media provides services in media, marketing and tourism management, specialising in the social media space

Creative Planet Media is a boutique media, marketing and social media agency promoting travel, tourism and lifestyle brands. It is also the brand new business launched this week by experienced travel industry professionals, Suzanne Cavanagh and Peter Watson. 

Cavanagh and Watson last worked together in senior roles at Jetset in the 80’s and 90’s, during the heady days of market leadership that the company then enjoyed.  They have since developed separate careers in the travel and tourism spectrum, working in senior marketing, business development, strategic planning and management consulting roles, both in Australia and overseas.

They have however maintained contact with each other, and with their passion for the travel and tourism business in which they have spent most of their working lives.  For them, the social environment of the industry today is one of the industry’s most exciting times.  A regular coffee and chat session early this year led to an extended discussion and the eventual creation of Creative Planet Media!

“Peter and I started Creative Planet Media because of our strong cultural and business connections to the tourism, food and media industries and our understanding of how, through social media, all of those avenues can be brought together in an evocative way”, said Cavanagh.  “Between us, we have over 70 years in tourism management and marketing, so our experience runs deeply” she said.

Creative Planet Media provides services in media, marketing and tourism management, specialising in the social media space.  It fashions inbound strategies and campaigns to enable companies to communicate, promote and engage in order to compete in this new business context, growing both brand reputations and sales. The company works with a range of talented and trusted professionals across a wide range of disciplines on projects as required.

 For us travel, food, wine, books and lifestyle strongly interconnect” said Cavanagh. “Whilst some companies specialise in one of those industries, our approach is to help companies bring destinations and experiences alive by connecting all five

Cavanagh went on to say that travel and tourism companies tended to be more transactional than relational in the way they do business, so there is often a gap with the consumer seeking authentic experiences and aspirations and the companies focussing solely on product delivery.

This is such a missed opportunity” said Cavanagh.  “We help companies reveal the essential soul of tourism and leisure experiences and in doing that help them build better customer relationships”

Creative Planet Media can be found on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CreativePlanetMedia  or on Twitter @CreativePlanetM