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BlinkMobile Interactive Announces Partner Agreement with Linktech Solutions

BlinkMobile Interactive, an Australian headquartered Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) provider, has appointed specialist ICT consulting services company, Linktech Solutions, as its latest partner in Australia.
The agreement will give Linktech Solutions access to the full suite of BlinkMobile services available via the Blink Mobility Platform and better position Linktech as an agile organisation able to rapidly design, deliver and support mobile enterprise applications.
Linktech Solutions provides public and private sector organisations with consulting and implementation services in support of end user computing and mobility, consumerisation of IT and cloud computing.
Linktech Solutions was selected due to its in-depth consulting and back-end IT infrastructure experience and the opportunity it offers BlinkMobile to further extend its reach into both Australian public and private sector organisations.
Trevor Voss, Director and CTO, Linktech Solutions, said, ”We have thoroughly researched the mobile enterprise application platform market and as a result we know that both technically and commercially, BlinkMobile Interactive is the ideal company with whom to form a long term partnership.  We are impressed with BlinkMobile’s penetration into both government and commercial enterprises and the agility which the platform provides for applications in industries such as healthcare and the Australian mid-market business sector.  
“Our aim is to provide these organisations with a rich, consistent end user experience which when combined with our people, systems and processes will support larger clients and BlinkMobile’s delivery to a diverse group of users.  At the same time, we wanted to work with a knowledgeable team which could provide local support for which we could have direct access.  BlinkMobile has a product design roadmap, a robust onboarding process which includes training and support, and its research and development puts the user experience at the core of what it provides. This combination of attributes is unique in Australia.”
The BlinkMobile platform enables partners to deliver mobile services built for optimum usability with the intelligence and context to fully leverage the investment already made in back-end systems.  Its unique Interaction-orientated architecture focuses on the information needs of the user, simplifying the design, development and management of any number of activity-based apps that efficiently access and integrate existing systems and available web services.
Tony Harris, Director and CSO, BlinkMobile Interactive, said, “We’re pleased not only to be working with Linktech Solutions’ highly skilled team but also to have the opportunity to work with a partner with a strong DNA in the solutions market.  They have a refreshing and dynamic approach and I’m confident that they’re an excellent choice to help BlinkMobile reinforce our brand as a market leader.”
BlinkMobile Australian partners include Acresta, Multibase, Rype Enterprise and Mobile Mentor.

About BlinkMobile Interactive

BlinkMobile Interactive is an Australian-headquartered Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) provider whose robust global deployment capabilities combined with a highly innovative architecture enables enterprise and government organisations to rapidly and reliably build, deploy and manage many types of mobile applications across the widest range of devices and operating systems.
The BlinkMobile Platform is a hosted, cost-effective, single development and management environment that speeds development time by offering advanced features as pre-built modules, while simplifying the integration of both internal and customer-facing services to deliver highly customised, powerful and intuitive, activity-based apps for any number of users.  

BlinkMobile provides enterprise mobility solutions to local, state and federal government department as well as to airport, construction, logistics, education, healthcare and finance organisations.  These customers are supported through a range of partners large and small who bring their own industry knowledge and skills to our mobility platform. http://www.blinkmobile.com.au