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Cricket and Sports Teams use Winter to Gear Up for Next Season

Provider of screen printing, embroidery and sports uniforms in Perth reveals why it's never too early to start preparing for summer sports.

Perth, Western Australia, July 12, 2013 - In the winter, many Australians put away their sport uniforms and stay inside, shivering, their minds far away from summer. However, many athletes and sport teams are already preparing for next season. One of the best ways to be prepared is to order next season's uniforms.

Though some teams in less formal leagues don't have uniforms, most teams do. Many anecdotal studies have led to the conclusion that teams that wear uniforms display more camaraderie and teamwork than those that don't. Players with great-looking uniforms often take more pride in their team and their sport.

For sponsors, the benefits are well-documented. Sponsoring a sport team and outfitting them in uniforms with a company name and/or logo provides numerous inexpensive advertising impressions. If a player uses a piece of clothing with a company name or logo for practice, matches and after-match celebrations, they provide a very high number of high-quality advertising impressions for a very low price.

Also, players, teams and leagues are often more likely to patronise those businesses that sponsor teams in those leagues than they are to patronise competing businesses.

ImagePak Marketing provides uniforms for virtually all sports, and now uses a process called “sublimation” in place of screen printing and embroidery for many of their Perth area teams. Sublimation is an efficient and durable process because the design is dyed into the fabric in one step.

When the dye has been absorbed by the fabric, it won't wash out, nor will it fade. In addition, it won't rip, nor will it fall off. Also, the fabric “breathes” better, and the process doesn't add any weight to the garments. Imagepak Marketing provides tees, polos, singlets, shorts, long pants and sport-specific uniforms for footy, soccer, rugby, basketball and netball.

According to Scott Eaton, owner of ImagePak Marketing, many teams have their orders already in for next season: “We always love working with sports teams. Athletes--amateur or professional--are among the most motivated and loyal of anyone we work with. They love their sports and aren't afraid to let everybody know.”

Eaton continued, “While many of us are focused on getting out of winter's cold, athletes are already thinking about next season. They are doing whatever it takes to get ready to compete in their sport of choice. For many, this includes next season's uniforms. We have gone away from screen printing and embroidery a bit, and now prefer to use a process called 'sublimation.' While we still offer screen printing and embroidery, especially for business applications, we feel that sublimation is the most efficient method we have of imparting a design onto a uniform.”

Eaton added, “It is quick, easy and very versatile. We have more freedom of design using this process than we used to with others, and the designs last a lot longer because the dye goes directly into the garment. Many of the problems we used to have with screen printing, such as the printing wearing off of the uniform for sports in which there is a lot of impact, are non-existent with sublimated fabric.”

Eaton concluded, “Get your order in now; it's never too early to create your uniforms for next season.”

ImagePak Marketing provides screen printing, embroidery and sports uniforms in Perth. They can customise any uniform with a team or company name or logo. For more information, please call (08) 92444 111 or visit their website today: http://www.imagepak.com.au/