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Bloom or Gloom? The Brisbane Property Market - Back To The Basics

Which Property Press Release

Depending on who you talk to and what day of the week it is, the Brisbane Property Market is blooming or looking gloomy. A leading property expert is urging investors to go back to basics and look at the fundamentals to make their informed investment choices.

“No matter where you are buying, there will be good buys and bad buys” said Mark Borrill, Managing Director of Which Property, “one of the big hurdles in making a decision is understanding the market fundamentals of where you are purchasing.”

There are a number of factors that drive the property market. It is important to understand what is underpinning the local property market, as this will influence both capital growth and rental returns.

“There is a lot of speculation about Brisbane being the next investment hot spot, but wading through the information can be overwhelming,” explains Mr Borrill.

In the latest edition of Property Insight, Which Property have asked property commentator Michael Matusik to shed some light on what’s in store for Australia’s property market, with a spotlight on Brisbane’s market fundamentals.

Michael Matusik is the Director of an independent property advisory, and is renowned for his perceptive and to the point property commentary. As Mr Matusik explains, “(t)here is always talk about “how it will be different” this time around. But history shows that there is a set of certain variables which, when combined in the right way 
(like ingredients in a recipe), drive the property cycle.”

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