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LAN Systems appointed first Australian channel provider for StoneGate high availability firewall and VPN from Stonesoft

LAN Systems will be the first Australian channel provider of the StoneGate high availability firewall and VPN solution from Stonesoft. The StoneGate firewall and virtual private network (VPN) is designed to meet the requirements of large enterprises, ISPs, MSPs and ASPs.

Nick Verykios, General Manager and Marketing Director of LAN Systems said, The StoneGate firewall and VPN extends the ability of LAN Systems resellers to offer truly scalable security solutions to the markets high end. The Stonesoft product family also integrates well with existing vendor offerings available through LAN Systems.

StoneGates Multi-Link Technology lets large companies load balance between multiple ISPs. This means that if a companys ISP goes down or has a slow period, StoneGate intelligently selects another ISP to carry the Internet traffic.
Companies can also use StoneGate to maximise their telco spend by using a faster, more expensive ISP for mission-critical traffic and a slower, less expensive ISP for common data. StoneGate is the first firewall and VPN to provide secure connections and load balancing between multiple ISPs.

Nick Verykios said, Another benefit of StoneGates VPN Solution is that you can split an information stream and send it by different paths over the Internet with different ISPs if you like. This means that if someone hacks into your data stream theyd only get part of the information you were sending, making the system inherently secure.

Commenting on the channel partnership, Vicki Scholten, Regional Manager, Stonesoft ANZ said, LAN Systems reseller base is a good match for the market verticals that StoneGate and the Stonesoft family of products address. We are committed to providing our resellers with the best in value-added services and we are confident that LAN Systems will provide premium training, integration and marketing support.

Benefits for ISPs
ISPs using StoneGate have greater potential to meet service level agreements (SLAs) because StoneGate automatically re-directs traffic via different paths on the basis of load and availability. This means the ISP doesnt have to rely on a single path for data to be connected, so its easier for the ISP to guarantee bandwidth for its customers. ISPs can also prioritise their traffic to use telco lines for maximum profit through load balancing and load sharing.

Simon Ayres, sales manager for Alphawest 6, a business within the Solution 6 Group, said The StoneGate solution meets the high availability needs of our clients and extends our ability to offer scalable security solutions. Were pleased to see Stonesoft and LAN Systems working together to provide Alphawest 6 with timely support and provision of the StoneGate solution.

StoneGate Firewall and VPN Features
Multi-Link technology - enables connecting multiple ISPs to a single firewall cluster with complete security and high availability from the corporate network out to the ISP(s).
Multi-layer inspection technology - StoneGate enables maximum security and throughput as it is an embedded firewall operating system and provides the leading stateful inspection and application-level proxy technologies.
Built-in high availability and load balancing - StoneGate incorporates Stonesoft proven clustering technology to enable firewall and server load balancing.
Unmatched performance - StoneGate enables well over 300,000 concurrent connections at wire-speed throughput, unlike other firewalls, security is not sacrificed for performance.
Advanced management - StoneGate is managed from the OS through an easy-to-use GUI and provides superior, flexible management tools to enable easy management of multiple firewalls in multiple locations across the enterprise to significantly minimize human error.
Intelligent rule-based technology - StoneGate enables unified, easy-to-use security policy definition, templates, sub-rule bases and inherited rules.
Multi-routing VPN Stonegate uses multiple routes across the internet for each VPN tunnel. This makes eavesdropping more difficult, because an eavesdropper at one location cant see all traffic belonging to a VPN tunnel.

StoneGate Enterprise Solutions
StoneGate Enterprise with VPN - Unlimited protected IP addresses. Includes one unlimited Gateway Module w/ VPN and one Enterprise Management System, capable of managing unlimited number of gateway/ firewall clusters.

Single Site Solution - StoneGate Single Site with VPN - 100 protected IP addresses. Includes one Limited-IP Gateway Module w/ VPN and one Local Management System, capable of managing one gateway/ firewall cluster

Prices for StoneGate enterprise solutions are available on application.
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About Stonesoft
Established in 1990, Stonesoft Corporation (HEX:SFT1V) has its US headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia and international headquarters in Helsinki, Finland. Stonesoft is the provider of enterprise-level network security and high availability clustering technology for companies deploying business-critical network applications on Internet and mobile networks. Stonesoft is the leading provider of network security and high availability software for ISPs/MSPs/ASPs, telecommunication companies, financial institutions, high-volume Internet sites and large enterprises. Stonesofts StoneGate is the first firewall and VPN solution to provide advanced security, dynamic load balancing and high availability. Stonesofts proven StoneBeat clustering product line provides high availability and load balancing for third party firewalls, Web, content scanning servers and server applications used in wired or wireless environments. Stonesofts StoneGate and StoneBeat solutions deliver upon Stonesofts vision for enabling the Secure, Highly Available Enterprise.

About LAN Systems
LAN Systems Pty Ltd, a Comstor company, is a channel provider of networking technology products, and is a division of the global Westcon Group.

LAN Systems provides integrated networking and communications solutions to resellers, telecommunications carriers and information service providers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The company is headquartered in Sydney at Unit 3, 39 Herbert Street, St Leonards NSW 1570, phone: (02) 9432 1000, fax: (02) 9901 3003, www.lansystems.com.au. LAN Systems has additional offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

About the Solution 6 Group
The Solution 6 Group is a leading provider of information technology (IT) solutions for business, government and professional advisors. The Group delivers professional and business software, IT services and a range of e-business and knowledge management solutions, all designed to help make IT easier for our customer. The Solution 6 Group provides end-to-end solutions for five key markets including accounting, legal, global practices, small, medium and larger business, and Government. Established in 1981 and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1987, the Solution 6 Group is an Australian-owned company with a global presence. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, the Group is one of the market leaders in global practice management solutions. The Solution 6 Group employs over 1600 IT professionals worldwide in 36 offices, across 13 countries. The Group maintains strategic partnerships with IBM, Lotus, Microsoft, Telstra and Vignette.