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Getting the Most Out Of Online Retailer

Getting the Most Out Of Online Retailer

For the second year running Signet is attending the Online Retailer trade show on the 20th-21st August to showcase our latest products and technology. Online Retailer is the country’s pinnacle event for mobile, social and internet retailing with some of the world’s biggest brands and best thought leaders. At Signet we’ve done our research and wanted to share our expertise on how to get the most out of attending Online Retailer (or any other trade show).


Step 1: Plan Ahead. It’s time to do a little researching and planning to see who is going to be at Online Retailer, what they are exhibiting and how this is relevant to you. There are many reasons to attend a trade show including meeting new suppliers, sussing out the competition, getting a feel for industry trends, networking and seminars to name a few. By planning you will be able to map out your day, meet the right people and register for any seminars you wish to attend; it also means you’ll soon find out if you need more than one day to accomplish your goals!


Step 2: Come Prepared. It is always a good idea to stock up on business cards before a trade show, as well as bringing  a notepad and pen (or tablet device for those who are more techno-savvy). Before the show ensure you have an idea of the outcomes you’re hoping for – i.e. knowing how much inventory you have if you are hoping to place an order with a vendor, or bringing copies of your catalogue with you if you hope to attract new clients.


Step 3: Seek Opportunities. This can mean many different things depending what you’re hoping to achieve at Online Retailer. It could mean registering for multiple seminars for education and development purposes, or networking with different company representatives to make valuable business connections. We recommend engaging with as many company stands as you have time for as you might not realise what opportunities or information you are missing out on by avoiding the eye contact of the exhibitors you walk past.


Step 4: Follow Up. After Online Retailer it’s important to go through the information and contact details you accrued during the show. This will give you a good chance to follow up on any contacts, clients or orders that you made as well as passing on any relevant information to your colleagues or different departments.


A few other handy hints to keep in mind:

·         Be prepared to take advantage of any discounts or special offers that exhibitors are offering only at Online Retailer

·         Swap contact information with every person you speak to – you never know which contacts might be handy after the show

·         Come with an open mind and ready to make the most of free educational opportunities; trade shows like Online Retailer are a great place to discover industry trends and practices that you haven’t considered before

·         Avoid solidly booking your day with seminars and meetings as there might be opportunities you miss or stands you would like to visit but don’t have the time to see

·         Request that any samples, catalogues or information gets mailed to you so you don’t have to carry it around all day


At Signet we’re going to follow our own advice, so make sure you come and say hello to us at stand 8014. We’ve got a special offer for attendees who mention these great tips as well as a friendly team ready to find solutions for your business’ packaging, cleaning or site safety needs.


Company Blurb:

Signet is Australia’s leading manufacturer of healthcare, packaging, cleaning, stationery, wholesale consumables and office supplies. With dispatch centers located in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Townsville, Mt Isa and Darwin; they can have your delivery to you the next day. With over 40 years experienced in the industry, Signet’s promise is:

·         Lowest price guarantee

·         Always in stock

·         Money back guarantee

·         Same day dispatch