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TermiTrap Announces Free Termite Identification Service

Queensland, Australia – 20/08/2013 

TermiTrap, Australia’s leading DIY termite treatment website, introduces a free termite identification service to anyone seeking expert advice. 

While termites cause considerable damage to some houses in Australia, there are different types and not all are interested in the seasoned wood used in buildings. Some are just pests and largely a nuisance. 

To help consumers sort out the pests from the serious termites, they can send a photo and description via email to TermiTrap’s site. A close-up shot of the termite soldiers, those with brown-coloured heads, is usually good enough to see the shape of the heads and jaws. 

Another picture depicting the situation or where these were found and some details will help to identify the type of termite. Expect a fast response and recommended action free of charge. If the termite is not a threat, you will be told and you won’t spend anything. If it is one of the two or three serious pests in your region, you will get free and helpful suggestions on your options.

“For over a decade our complete DIY system has provided a cost-efficient solution to many homeowners. It begins with termite identification. Knowing which termite you are dealing with may mean huge savings. It’s a free service to help consumers make informed decisions.” shared entomologist Ion Staunton, who developed the TermiTrap system.  

A former pest technician, accredited instructor for pest control and author of the text books they use, Staunton brings in his 40-year experience in the industry to give consumers a background of what they are up against. 

His TermiTrap system protects houses without using harmful poisons and has re-usable components making it environment-friendly.

For more information, visit www.TermiteTrap.com.au or call 1800 20 30 20.