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BigHand announces cloud-based digital dictation for smaller firms – with Streeterlaw as first APAC client

Secure SaaS platform boosts efficiency, flexibility and client-value

Sydney, Australia, 20 August 2013 - BigHand, the global leader in voice productivity for professional service firms, adds Sydney-based Streeterlaw as the first adopter of its cloud-based digital dictation solution, BigHand Professional.

Streeterlaw, which specialises in dispute resolution, is benefiting from the additional productivity and flexibility of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) digital dictation solution, as staff now have secure access to BigHand Professional from wherever they are. Its team of lawyers can choose to dictate from their smartphone on-the-go, or traditional digital dictation devices. A voice file is then synched to the BigHand Professional cloud where it can be accessed by secretaries and transcribed.

According to Mark Streeter, Managing Principal of Streeterlaw, the ability for their lawyers to dictate from their smartphone while out of the office, at client meetings or in court has had a significant impact on document turnaround times. “It reduces the queues, and particularly the non-value-add queues where the device had to be brought back to the office before the documents could be uploaded to be typed. We are minimising wasted time previously caused by delay and inaction” said Streeter.

The firm previously used a standalone digital dictation system and portable dictation devices, and while this had served them well, they recognised some inefficiencies particularly with documents being delayed in reaching the secretary for transcription.

BigHand Professional resonated for Streeterlaw following its firm-wide decision to embrace cloud-based solutions for core applications where possible to reduce the need for on-site servers and IT systems management. It is also benefiting from BigHand’s workflow management capabilities which deliver workflow transparency and the opportunity to align transcription priorities with client needs.

Mark Streeter continues: “With BigHand’s cloud-based solution, we are signing up to our own philosophy of servicing customers with less waste of time - delivering excellence with integrity through reducing document turnaround times and delay, increasing visibility for workflow management, and ultimately increasing value to the client.”


About BigHand
The BigHand Group supports over 170,000 professionals globally, across 1,600 organisations, and is
based out of Chicago, London, Sydney and Toronto. BigHand’s voice productivity technology combines workflow digital dictation, smartphone applications and speech recognition to offer the legal market a technology that allows attorneys to use their voice to get more done while improving operational efficiencies and reducing overhead costs.

Further info is available at www.bighand.com. You can also follow BigHand on Twitter at www.twitter.com/BigHand_Oz or view the LinkedIn company page, www.linkedin.com/company/bighand