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Monash University and theRightU to Hold Inaugural Online Interactive Event

Monash Live Chat 2013 will connect aspiring undergraduates with Monash University representatives via microsite developed by theRightU in a bid to create a virtual Open Day experience.

SINGAPORE- Monash University and its local admissions partner theRightU are slated to hold a high-profile interactive chat session via a specially-created Microsite that will integrate the real-time multi-session platforms of Google+ Hangouts on Air and Moot it.

This event, Monash Live Chat 2013 hosted by theRightU, will be the first of its kind in Singapore and the region.

The move to introduce this event now is a strategically timely one – as the education sector shifts towards adopting new media technologies to cater to the internet generation, and pursuing university studies abroad gains popularity among Singaporean youths.

During the event, participants will be able to watch and interact with faculty members (from Arts, Engineering, IT and Science), international admissions staff, current students and alumni – who will share their sentiments about their respective faculties and the Monash University experience.

Pre-university students who register for and attend the chat session in full will stand a chance to win two return tickets to Melbourne to visit the city and Monash University campuses.

Besides providing the interface upon which the interactive live chat will be held, the
Monash Live Chat microsite will be populated with information pertaining to the university, categorised thematically.

Five weeks prior to the date of the event, contests relating to the information presented on the Microsite will run. All pre-university students who have registered for the Monash Live Chat 2013 will be eligible to participate in the contest for a chance to win one of four iPod Nanos.

The main interactive chat event will be held on the 8th of October, from 5pm-7pm (GMT+8 timezone), and the contest period will take place from the 3rd of September to the 8th of October.

Access to the Monash Live Chat microsite can be gained via the URL monash.therightu.com.




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Media and Communications Strategist
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Samantha BLAIR
(Acting) Associate Director, Media and Communications
Office of Marketing and Communications 
Monash University