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Croud Australia, August 2013

Croud – Changing the way Digital Marketing is conducted in Australia

Croud, Google’s fastest growing UK search agency has landed in Australia and, since their launch just six short months ago, is already revolutionising the way that Digital Marketing is conducted in our country.

Already operating in 24 countries and 12 languages, Croud’s Australian office is the first base located outside of the UK. Additional locations will be rolled out over the next 12 months.


Croud, an Angel Investment-backed, search and social agency, was founded in July 2011 by a collaborating collective of ex-Google boffins and leading lights from the agency world. It has grown exceptionally in the last two years, swiftly becoming Google’s fastest growing agency, and one of the speediest emerging search specialists in the world. This achievement can be attributed to their mantra of ‘professionalism above all’ and the know-how of a team comprised from some of the most experienced and talented minds engaged in digital today.

Croud’s innovative and flexible approach to digital marketing services quickly made it the perfect partner for businesses and agencies of all shapes and sizes.

Croud was established with the goal of making the top global talent accessible to all companies irrespective of budget. Most agencies self-restrict to utilising the talents of in-house employees. Ironically, these same agencies advertise their approach to search engine marketing as unique. Croud is distinguished by a service offering that is genuinely tailored and unique- rather than a sound bite or convenient strapline.

Croud’s client pedigree includes Google, Interflora, Etsy and The Body Shop internationally with an ever-expanding local footprint that includes Bauer Trader Media, Hamilton Island and Melbourne IT. 

Every cent spent with Croud is accounted for through our proprietary software, Croud Control. Every item of work performed on your behalf is tracked and displayed, its impact on your business measured.

To find out how the Croud difference can help your business, simply visit the website or email hello@croud.com