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Employee Safety Monitoring Indoors Becomes A Reality

In building real-time tracking set to boost safety for Australian workers.

Perth, Western Australia.  August 30th, 2013

Perth based GPS Tracking Company, Myionu (pronounced ‘my eye on you’), Have signed a distribution deal with Blackline GPS to supply a revolutionary GPS enabled Tracking and safety system that provides precise in building positioning.

"Employers are looking for a single source safety monitoring solution for all employees regardless of their location or environment," says Cody Slater, CEO and Chairman of Blackline GPS. "Our new ANThill location beacon brings the value of safety monitoring from the field into facilities for all types of industries, including Oil & Gas, Public Works, Manufacturing, and beyond."

ANThill location beacons broadcast a short-range wireless signal. When an employee-worn Loner safety monitoring device is within proximity of a beacon, the Loner device reports its location to Blackline's hosted infrastructure. An employee's location is mapped within a Loner Portal user account with pinpoint accuracy wherever ANThill beacons are deployed. Wiring into a building's electrical system is not required as ANThill beacons are self-powered with two standard C-cell alkaline batteries, featuring a battery life of 5 years.

“We expect demand in Australia to be high. Many companies have expressed an interest in deploying a cost effective location and safety system that delivers precise locations in both indoor and outdoor environments.” says Paul Delaney, General Manager of Myionu. “Whilst locating staff externally has been available for some time, locating staff effectively internally and externally had always been a challenge - until now.”

Employees face the everyday risk of injury and health incidents whilst at work. When a safety incident occurs, Blackline's Loner(R) brand of employee safety monitoring solutions provide instant, automated and real-time safety alerting to monitoring personnel and enable a pin-point emergency response.

Industries such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Compressed Gas, Wastewater, and Power Technology (all of which require Intrinsically Safe instrumentation) now have a Class I, Division 1 certified worker safety monitoring solution at hand with the launch of the newest innovation from Blackline GPS (TSX VENTURE:BLN) ("Blackline"): the Loner® IS.

The employee's GPS location is reported to monitoring personnel when a safety alert is triggered, in order to direct emergency response teams to that employee in need. Monitoring personnel are aided by direct access to the alert type, the employee's name and phone number, an interactive map of the employee's past location history and the locations of any nearby colleagues whom could possibly go to the incident right away.

Some of the Loner IS features include:

  • Instant wireless communication of safety alerts generated by an employee's Loner IS device.

  • True Fall Detection® technology that alerts monitoring personnel when a fall is detected; (differentiated from other activity such as jumping off a loading dock or running down stairs).

  • Activity monitoring that detects man-down situations where an employee has become motionless.

  • An emergency latch that allows monitored personnel to instantly request help.

  • Local alarms that generate a loud audible tone and flashing indicator lights to aid responders to quickly locate the employee.

  • Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, and D intrinsic safety certification.

More information visit www.myionu.com.au/blackline

About Myionu.

Myionu (a division of AffinityOne Pty Ltd) is a Perth based GPS tracking service provider for a wide range vehicle, personal and asset tracking systems. AffinityOne also holds distribution rights for SPOT, inReach and Blackline GPS in Australia. Myionu’s mission is to provide a single source and operating platform for high quality location based products and services, allowing customers to have a complete view of their personnel, vehicles, and assets in almost any environment anywhere in the world.


Loner IS Device


ANThill Internal Beacon