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One Reason Why Moving to Mandurah is more Popular Than Ever

Mandurah real estate firm reveals the number one reason why Mandurah is so popular as a “sea change” destination.

Mandurah, WA, September 23, 2013 - Since 1961, the population of Mandurah has increased by twelve times. It has been rated Western Australia's fastest-growing city. While many factors are responsible for Mandurah's phenomenal growth, the most important one is the fact that, in many ways, Mandurah is still the same fishing town it was in 1961.

Mandurah is much bigger and has a far greater number of people and houses than it did in 1961, growing from 5,695 people then to over 70,000 people now. Despite the development of the city, it has still retained its village ambiance, and fishing and boating are still the most popular pastimes for tourists and residents alike.

The Mandurah Ocean Marina is a perfect example of what makes Mandurah so attractive to people wanting to wind down their busy lifestyles and downsize into smaller houses. It is located just off of the Indian Ocean and offers boardwalks, parks, piazzas and gorgeous beaches, in addition to some of the best boating sites in Australia.

The Mandurah Ocean Marina currently has 390 boat pens for recreational boats, with 36 boat pens for commercial boats. It also has 213 Club pens. The marina offers safe, sheltered mooring and plenty of entertainment.

The recreational boat pens include 314 floating berths that are between 8 and 20 metres in length. License options range from one night to one year and each berth is provided with lighting, electricity and water. The entry is guarded by a gatehouse and the marina is patrolled on a regular basis by their security team.

The entire marina is “wired” with CCTV cameras which are monitored live online, 24/7. Refuse disposal is provided, as are private laundry and ablution facilities.

The marina also offers 36 commercial boat pens that range in length from 15 metres to 20 metres. The license options are the same as for recreational boaters: one night to one year. Each berth receives a lighting bollard, water and electricity. Gate entry is coded and refuse disposal is offered, as is an oil recycling facility.

Many services are available for boaters and fishermen, such as navigational charts, fenders, compliant power cords and marina launch ramp passes. The North Harbour offers even more services: houseboat and dinghy hire, chandlery, boat lifters and stackers, emergency sea rescue, vessel and engine repairs, a 24 hour facility that offers diesel fuel and unleaded fuel and marine electronics.

Dolphin Quay offers a plethora of shops and restaurants. Most have views overlooking the ocean that are usually described as “stunning” or “splendid”.

Shops include the Bather Bar, Quay Life, Hey Gorgeous, Babes on the Beach, Tea 2 Sea and All Round Scooters.

Restaurants and cafés include Café Absolute, Cafe Moka, Catch 22, an all-day breakfast cafe called D'Lights Café, La Marina Ristorante and Pizzeria, Sharky's Fish and Chips, Nino's Fish Bar, Mad Cow & Ice Creamery and the Oyster Bar.

Travis Kell, Development Manager of Natures Walk Estate, has talked to a lot of present and future residents and property investors and the water seems to be a prevailing theme for them: “Everyone in Mandurah likes the water. Most of the questions I get about the area involve fishing or boating.”

Kell concluded, “For many, moving to Mandurah is like moving to paradise.”

Natures Walk Estate is located in Erskine, adjacent to Mandurah. House and land packages are currently available, as are a few finished homes. Every phase that has opened has sold 90% of its properties shortly after they have been offered. For more information, call (08) 9301 4445 or visit their website at http://www.natureswalk.com.au/.