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USB Wall Sockets - Power points with Twin USB charging ports.

The twin USB powered 5 Volt sockets are perfect for charging mobile phones, including iphones, ipads, ipods, tablets, handheld devices, games, electric shavers, digital cameras, video cameras, mp3 players, GPS navigation devices, etc. No longer do you nee


Power Points with Twin USB Charging Ports - Gain a competitive edge by providing a cutting edge product that today’s consumers want and need.


Australian company USBsockets.com.au reveals the next stage in home technology exclusively for the Australian and New Zealand market; a patented wall sockets range that combines an Australian Standard approved dual 240v power socket with twin USB powered charging outlets.

The USB 5 Volt sockets are perfect for charging any device fitted with a USB connection including mobile phones, tablets, cameras, electric shavers and more without the need for bulky adapters. The devices plug straight in to the USBsockets on the power point and leave the two 240v plug sockets free for regular appliance use.

The range is a direct replacement to the standard Australian GPO double power point, which means no messy wiring issues and the socket can be installed in minutes, although it is recommended this is performed by a qualified electrical contractor.

Whilst cheaper USB wall sockets may be available on online auction sites, many of these are not approved or do not fit standard socket wall holes. USBsockets are patent approved and quality assured with solid casing and solid screws, along with a sleek design in a range of colour options (see enclosed) as well as led illuminated ports.

The LED ports also demonstrate the smart technology used in USBsockets designs and emit a soothing blue LED light when the doors are open or turn red when charging a device. The LED lights will also flash red if there is a problem with the power line (see enclosed), ensuring no time is wasted trying to diagnose electrical faults.

As more and more electrical devices are fitted with USB chargers, including small powers tools, electric shavers, smart devices and appliances, direct charging for USB connections will become a must-have standard feature in homes, schools, hospitals and offices.In particular, hotels should offer their guests the convenience of USBsockets as no international adapters will be required. In fact, no charger will be required - all that will be needed is a standard USB to USB cable which is readily and cheaply available. Imagine losing a charger in a remote beach house or mining village in Australia where you would not be able to buy a new one – with USBsockets installed this is no longer a problem as USBsockets charge all!

With replacement chargers costing around $25 to $70 each, installing USBsockets is also a much cheaper solution to replacing lost or forgotten individual chargers for tablets. USBsockets only sell their products wholesale, allowing your company to sell and/or install at retail prices with an RRP of $39.95. The sockets retro fit to any existing GPO outlet and they also fit standard Clips.

Since the introduction of a new universal charging standard (UCS), whereby all major mobile phone manufacturers agreed on the USB port as the standard charger for mobile devices, charging solutions for USB devices have never been in greater demand in Australia and New Zealand’s homes.

The manufacturers agreed that the majority of all new mobile phone models available will support a USB universal charging connector and the majority of chargers shipped will meet the high efficiency targets set out by the OMTP (Open Mobile Terminal Platform), the industry body who developed the technical requirements behind UCS.

The plan is projected to bring down production of replacement chargers by as much as 51,000 tons annually. This will eliminate 13.6 million to 21.8 million tons of greenhouse gases emitted during manufacture. Mobile phones will no longer ship with a charger as the manufacturers assume you have one already. For more information on the universal charging standard’s new regulations visit www.iec.ch

USBsockets’ products are also energy efficient themselves with no stand-by power or phantom leakage that is normally associated with charging transformers. Once the USB cable is removed from the port, retractable doors close and power to the port is cut automatically.

USBsockets plan to broaden their business throughout all of Australia and New Zealand as the next level in convenient technology grows in popularity, for the benefit and use of all Australians and New Zealanders.

For more information regarding USBsockets please go to the website: www.USBsockets.com.au. We sell our products wholesale, allowing your company to sell and/or install at retail prices. If you would like to keep informed with the latest developments, please sign up to the newsletter via the website, find USBsockets.com.au on Facebook or follow @USBsockets on Twitter. All orders or any other enquiries please email: charge@USBsockets.com.au