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Fake IDs issued at classic rock concert

Fake IDs are expected to be a hot item at a North Queensland concert this weekend as young music lovers attempt to pass themselves off as ‘oldies’ to elude finger-wagging at a formerly over-40s only event.

Organisers of the second annual Not too Old to Danceconcert have been hit with controversy this year after deciding to drop the age restrictions imposed at last year's event to allow younger rockers to join the 7-hour musical time warp headlined by Mental As Anything and the Souper Group, comprising six of Australia's most legendary rock icons.

Event promoter Margie Ryder said her team had introduced the idea of fake identification to help make younger concert-goers less conspicuous.

"There has been a bit of an uproar among our Gen X and Baby Boomer patrons about the decision to let under-40s in to Saturday's event," Mrs Ryder said.

"While we don't expect too many young ones to attend Not too Old to Dance, we don't want those who do come along to be targeted by 'oldies' who think they're in need of a good talking to.

"We believe the only way to spare the youngins from long-winded stories about the good old days is to pass them off as 'oldies' themselves and will make fake IDs that age people by 30 years available at the event." 

About Not too old to Dance

The first Not too Old to Dance concert, held in October 2012, was inspired by Townsville's own poster boy for the young at heart, Richard Fuller, whose run in with a security guard at a Cold Chisel concert in 2011 prompted a Magistrate to later rule the 43-year-old as "too old to dance".

The incident garnered national media coverage and sparked fierce support for Fuller's case. Not too old to Dance is a charitable event inspired by Fuller and the thousands of 'oldies' and 'oldies at heart' who enjoy an opportunity to let their hair down, rock on and relive the glory days of the 1960s, 70s and 80s.

Due to popular demand, Not too Old to Dance is back again this year with a stellar line up set to have you dusting off the air guitar and busting out the daggy dad dancing.

Not too Old to Dance will be held on Saturday, 21 September, 2013 at Tony Ireland Stadium, Townsville. For more information and tickets, go to www.not2old2dance.com