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RMIT IT Testlab judges SLI-Consulting winner of Best Direct Attached Hardware award

SLI-Consulting Pty Ltd, a wholly Australian-owned data storage specialist, won the Best Direct Attached Hardware category at the culmination of the third annual StorageWorld exhibition held at Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre recently.
The prize judged by RMIT IT Testlab was awarded to StorageNetworks SN series data storage arrays by Technology & Business magazine and Terrapin, the organisers of the Storage World event.
According to SLI-Consultings Principal IT&T Consultant, Jos Goldmann, It is very pleasing to receive industry recognition for these excellent data storage devices. Over our years of association with StorageNetworks we have proven time and again that the SN series is universal, reliable, scalable, interoperable, manageable, compact and one of the least cost Open System data storage array in the industry.
It is perfect for high density data centres, homogeneous and hetereogenous Open System deployment within enterprise and workgroup environment. It is the perfect building block for a tiered storage infrastructure use, Mr Goldmann said.
According to Matt Tett, IT Test Engineer, Network and Security Specialist, RMIT IT Test Lab, The Direct Attached Storage (DAS) market is the traditional form for mass storage with the more recent advents of Fibre Channel (FC) and iSCSI and indeed FC over internet protocol (FCIP) coming in to compete. As DAS is one of the most entrenched storage technologies it saw some fierce competition, however, the SLI-Consulting offering of the SN series seemed to cover the widest range of end-user configurations possible while maintaining the same brand of storage array. The SN series therefore offers both solution providers/system integrators and clients the widest range of scalable solutions available without compromise, Mr Tett said.
About RMIT IT Testlab
The RMIT IT Test Lab is Australias leading independent IT testing lab. Operating for over 14 years, its mission is to partner with its clients to provide independent and unbiased professional advice on IT decisions and issues. Initially a research lab, it now provides industry with a wide range of product suitability testing. As exclusive hardware testers for Technology and Business Magazine, RMIT IT Test Lab has both a solid background in IT and a detailed knowledge of emerging trends in IT. www.testlab.rmit.edu.au
About SLI-Consulting Pty Limited
Founded in 1996, SLI-Consulting is a dedicated data storage consultancy that addresses all Open System platform, service and management issues. The company is a private, 100% Australian owned company, with OEM relationships in Europe, Asia and North America.
SLI-Consultings growing client base, which spans Japan and Germany, is focused on the Asia Pacific, with a subsidiary office in Korea.