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To Celebrate Carers Week Qualified Carers are offering free access to EVERY BUSINESS AND FAMILY who emails them before Sunday 20th October 2013

Qualified Carers brings Businesses, Families & Caregivers Together

To Celebrate Carers Week Qualified Carers are offering free access to EVERY BUSINESS AND FAMILY who emails them before Sunday 20th October 2013. To get yours email: freecare@qualifiedcarers.com.au

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the unemployment rate has increased by 0.2 percent - now up to 5.7% since April 2013. Those who do not have full-time employment, in many cases, are working multiple part-time jobs to make ends meet.

Trying to balance work and personal life has been a struggle for decades. It is even more trying today, especially for those having to work multiple jobs in order to stay ahead financially. Oftentimes, family obligations come in second next to work related commitments.

One company is looking to aid families, businesses and employees in this struggle, while helping to improve the local unemployment rate.

Qualified Carers (www.qualifiedcarers.com.au) is the only Australian company dedicated to introducing professional caregivers providing a wide range of services to businesses and families, all on one website. They offer an introduction service - meaning businesses and families can connect with specific Carers through their website, check references, and schedule interviews with Carers that match their individual qualification needs.

Qualified Carers have a variety of Care Services to choose from. Whether your business or family needs a babysitter, nanny, childcare worker, disability carer, aged carer, in-home nurse, housekeeper, cleaner, tutor, personal home assistant, or a house or pet sitter, Qualified Carers will be able to help you find who you are looking for within your local area. If your business is in need of new staff members, Qualified Carers takes all of the hard work out of searching for qualified staff members.

The Carers qualifications and expertise range from college students looking for work experience to highly qualified Caregivers with over 20 years’ experience in their field. Many of the Carers working with children, the disabled, or the elderly will have a First Aid Certificate, a police check or Working with Children Check, and are registered with the Family Assistance Office.

In addition to the services offered for families and businesses, Qualified Carers also has opportunities open for new Carers to search for jobs. Whether you are looking for a full-time or part-time job, you can sign up for a free subscription on the Qualified Carer website and create your profile by uploading a photo or record a short video introducing yourself and what services you can offer. Employers can then search for you based on your Care qualifications and services, and contact you through the website. Additionally, you can search the Job Notice Boards available on the website to see what job opportunities are available within your local area.

Subscription Information

To subscribe as a Care Service Provider, please visit the website at:

www.qualifiedcarers.com.au – Registration is free.


To subscribe for a family subscription, please visit the website. Subscription rates start as low as $29/mo.

For a Business subscription, rates start as low as $99/mo.


About Qualified Carers

Qualified Carers is an online introduction service for businesses and families to find local Caregivers in a variety of care industries across Australia. With quality Babysitters, Nannies, Child Care Workers, Disability Carers, Aged Carers, In-Home Nurses, Life Skills Educators, Tutors, Housekeepers, Cleaners, Personal Home Assistants, Pet Sitters, House Sitters and more, you can find the Care that suits your needs at the price that fits your budget.