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Sydney Bushfires Leave Northern Beaches Windows Filthy

Announcement posted by Clean My Windows 23 Oct 2013

The devastating weather conditions that have hampered the efforts of the RFS volunteers in fighting the Sydney bushfires, have also forced Sydney property owners to obtain the services of professional window cleaners. With strong Westerly winds blowing across the Sydney basin, sooty deposits have settled on windows across the Greater Sydney region. The air pollution has reached peak levels, which has caused many normally clean windows to be caked in ash and dust. With the bushfires still threatening homes in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, the danger is not over yet, but Sydney property owners are already moving forward.

The ash and dust that has settled on Sydney windows can cause degradation of the rubbers that seal that windows and cause permanent discolouration of the glass. Earnest property owners have recruited professional window cleaners to prevent window damage. Sydney window cleaners, from Parramatta to Manly,  have experienced an increased number of calls from property owners in the past week.

Clean My Windows is a North Sydney window cleaning team that services the Northern Beaches and North Sydney region. Clean My Windows has a wide client base of residential, strata commercial and industrial properties in the region. Clean My Windows is an experienced window cleaning professional, and has some industry secrets that ensures that dirty windows are cleaned easily, and left gleaming.

Clean My Windows can be contacted from their Northern Beaches window cleaning website.

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