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Welcome To is going digital with the launch of its inaugural Welcome To New Zealand website that is live now at nz.welcome-to.com.

The Welcome To travel series is the definitive resource for discerning travellers, and has been for close to 30 years. Published by Melbourne's Niche Media, it has been presented as a series of international hotel guest information guides promoting such destinations as Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, South Africa and Victoria (AUS) to thousands of visitors staying in luxury hotels around the world.

Now, for the first time ever, Welcome To is going digital with the launch of its inaugural Welcome To New Zealand website that is live now at nz.welcome-to.com. Serving as a comprehensive travel tool for those planning to head to, and already in New Zealand, the super site provides feature information on all the main cities and regions, including hotspots and must-do activities.

The website is designed to provide up-to-the-minute seasonal product coverage and local new attractions. In this way, it becomes a companion to the in-room books. Put short, it's the WHAT'S ON NOW go-to site for any traveller.

Mirroring the winning print formula, content on shopping, dining, entertainment, events and tours form the core of nz.welcome-to.com. There is a revolving search directory on the site providing visitors with a wealth of choice, Instagram competitions, a travel tips section and a snapshot of adrenaline-fuelled activities and attractions in the area.

Moving forward, a major focus of the site will be the HOT DEALS section, where Welcome To readers will be able to get amazing deals on a range of products from heli-tours and jet-boat rides to restaurant meals and accommodation.

“The launch of the Welcome To digital sites is really milestone for the title; one that will make us become a leading resource for local information, deals, events and hotspots to complete a discerning traveller's holiday experience,” says the managing editor of Welcome To, Nick Argyriou.

Welcome To has been forever synonymous with presenting the finest in luxury products, exquisite dining and first-class entertainment. Designed specifically for, and read by, affluent travellers, the series embodies the discerning tastes and demand for quality associated with this prestige market.

Kicking off with New Zealand, then followed by Abu Dhabi and Victoria in December, the digital component will promote each place as an ideal holiday destination. By showcasing major attractions and regions of national significance to local and international tourists, as well as providing editorial coverage and essential guest information across all major tourist regions, everything is in place.

nz.welcome-to.com aims to enhance the cultural experience of visitors by increasing the ease with which they can access accurate and relevant information, resulting in a more enjoyable holiday and encouraging return trips in the future. From hot deals to the latest travel news, updates and must-read information on travel apps, SIM cards, etc, welcome to the new world of Welcome To…

nz.welcome-to.com is now live… see you there…