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Cheat On Your Boss In A Good Way!

Side Racket launches a global community where you can create, discover & join amazing side projects.

Side Racket is a global community where you can create, discover and join amazing projects.

Just last week, we launched Side Racket into the world and things are ramping up quickly. Stats and new case-studies change and appear daily, so please contact us for the latest scoop.

You can check us out at https://sideracket.com or through recent coverage on News.com.au, Shoestring among other channels. We also have plenty of great untold stories amongst our users and their projects.

Our post-launch press release is below, or check out our full press kit with additional information and attachments. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions for us.

Here's a few examples of what we've played a part in so far:

--> New startup meets extensive experience

Zoop is an e-commerce startup that has processed over $3Million in sales for its clients. The small startup was approached through Side Racket by a highly experienced advisor who is currently working with the team to gear up for scale and investment. (https://sideracket.com/zoop)

--> Small Blog, Gun Writer

Melbourne-based metal blog Chucking a Mosh was found by their newest reviewer through Side Racket. Dave Dee is a professional writer based in Canberra, not someone the 2-person team would normally be able to get in front of, let alone pitch pro-bono journalism to. (https://sideracket.com/chucking-a-mosh)

--> Listing, Traction, Momentum

Code Dependency was started by Thomas Curtain on Side Racket. When he got enough traction for his idea, it was a significant factor in his decision to quit his job. Tom has since found a job he enjoys and Code Dependency is growing. (https://sideracket.com/code-dependency)

--> Accelerating Crowdfunding

A number of people discovered Natalie James’ crowdfunding campaign for her film ‘Burrow’ via Side Racket. They took it upon themselves to spread the word, and as a result, hitting their funding target was achieved in a matter of hours. (https://sideracket.com/burrow).

We’d love to be considered for coverage. We are more than happy to connect you with our community or interview for exclusives on elements of our service.


Press Release:

Cheat On Your Boss In A Good Way! Side Racket Launches Globally

Launched this week, Side Racket is a global community where you can create, discover and join amazing projects. We help you do more of what you love.

See also: “Side Racket homepage.jpg” in the full press kit.

After a ‘soft-launched’ start in May this year, the Side Racket team have been breaking and rebuilding their service with the intent to help people do more of what they love. In officially launching this week, Side Racket is set on amping up side projects all over the world.

“Side projects are an amazing way to spend time doing what you love.” said Side Racket CEO and co-founder Mark Hendrickson. “We felt there was no real home on the web for people to work together on their side projects.”

Helping people to do more of what they love is a big target for Side Racket, but the team believe they can best attack it by connecting people to projects. “The site is built on the idea that people aren’t about to spend their precious spare time working on something they don’t care about.” Hendrickson states. “By creating a hub for people and their side projects, the opportunity to pursue things you enjoy increases dramatically.”

“There’s a ton of educational resources, crowdfunding sites and co-founder matching services, but none of them do a solid job of connecting a diverse group of people around a project.”

By focusing on users creating, discovering and joining projects, the team is keeping things tight. “The last thing we wanted to create was another lean startup checklist or DIY portal – what’s out there already is amazing!” continues Hendrickson.

See also: “Side Racket homepage - Project tab.jpg” & “Side Racket homepage - People tab.jpg” in the full press kit.

“Very few projects start out with the clear intent of becoming a fully-fledged startup or crowdfunded exercise.” Hendrickson continues. “We needed to create a way for people to connect around projects, but without being boxed into ‘Arts Project’, ‘Charity’ or ‘Startup’ categories from day one.”

Using the ‘to be confirmed’ nature of most side projects to their advantage, Side Racket doesn’t have project categorisation. Instead, users navigate the site through ‘talents’.

“We defined talents as the skills you have and actually want to use.”

Talents listed as gaps on projects let users match up the skills they have. It works similarly for people seeking help for their projects. “We felt a balanced, 2-way search was important for Side Racket, and we didn’t want to recreate the ‘upper hand’ dynamics in where paid users have an edge.”

See also: “Project page example.jpg” & “Profile page example.jpg” in the full press kit.

For those who already love what they do, Side Racket is a no-brainer. “If there’s an accountant out there who’s teaching herself to build iOS apps on weekends, we want to put her in touch with a pro designer. Anyone who loves design can do more design, but they could simultaneously help someone chase their passion or entirely shift their career. The effort is the same, but the impact is far greater.”

Side Racket comes into it’s own for people who don’t enjoy what they do, or who don’t know what they love doing. “It’s pretty hard to turn a side project into a full time pursuit. Walking away from a good job is scary. Having a side project is a great way to test the water, risk free.”

The team have seen that through Side Racket, people are exploring new skills and testing ideas, taking the risk out of walking away from a job. “‘Figuring out what you love can be hard, but it’s worth figuring out.”

”If you don’t love what you do, we want Side Racket to be a stepping stone in quitting your job.”

After seeing matches made and their product play a role in a handful of users quitting jobs, Side Racket is looking ahead to seed communities of passionate people across the world. They’re on the lookout for people who can champion the philosophical goal of doing more of what you love.

For more information, contact us or please see our full press kit with additional details.