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New online shopping-inspired system helps students apply to multiple overseas universities with a single form

Multi-Apply, a proprietary online system developed by Singapore-based university admissions consultancy theRightU, allows students to apply to multiple overseas universities, track application statuses and accept offers with just one form.

SINGAPORE, 4 November 2013.  From conducting research, deliberating over the many options, submitting the necessary documents and monitoring applications to accepting the best offer, applying to university can be daunting and tedious.

In a bid to help students cut through the clutter and cut to the chase, theRightU will be launching Multi-Apply, an online system that will significantly simplify the process of applying to university with the use of processes inspired by those of online shopping portals.


“theRightU’s philosophy centres upon the creative use of technology and digital tools to make the lives of students easier by simplifying processes and providing access to accurate and pertinent information on a set of highly integrated platforms. Multi-Apply is yet another addition to the suite of online tools we have.”

- Dr Chan Khai Leok, Director, theRightU

Using Multi-Apply, students will be able to select and apply to a maximum of 10 courses at a go by filling in a single form and attaching digital copies of required documents to it, follow up by tracking the status of individual applications, then accepting the most favourable offer – all via the internet!

Additionally, because Multi-Apply is fully integrated into theRightU’s website (www.therightu.com), which features a comprehensive database of courses and universities (as well as career options), students will have all the information they need – entry criteria, tuition fees, important dates and even the cost of a cup of coffee – at their fingertips.

How it works

To get started with Multi-Apply, students can click on the “Apply Now” button featured on the website’s course pages and also beside course names that appear in lists – and the selected course(s) will be added to the students’ Multi-Apply basket in a process inspired by online shopping procedures.

After choosing their preferred courses, students just need to proceed to fill up specially-designed universal university application form with their particulars, attach the necessary documents and send the Multi-Apply application on its way.

Once the Multi-Apply form and relevant documents have been received by theRightU, the individual course/university applications will be processed and tracking initiated. Students will be able to keep tabs on the progress of their set of applications by logging in to their theRightU account and visiting the tracking page.

Finally, offers made by universities will be reflected in the system and students can easily accept the best one with the click of a button, after which theRightU will contact the university directly and complete the registration and matriculation process.

In a nutshell

Multi-Apply is a dynamic online tool which addresses the growing expectation for businesses to integrate interactive web utility into their services and public platforms.

With Multi-Apply, youths can expect a more seamless and hassle-free university application experience.

To experience Multi-Apply, visit www.therightu.com/apply.