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Geraldton Heights Completes Stage One, Appears on TV Show

Geraldton real estate development celebrates completion of first stage on The West Real Estate program.

November 11, 2013 - 4Land Property Group is now offering its first Geraldton property for sale in the completed Stage One of its newest real estate development, Geraldton Heights Estate. They recently celebrated the completion with an appearance on The West Real Estate Program on Channel 7.

Geraldton Heights Estate is located just outside the centre of Geraldton. It is elevated and close enough to the Indian Ocean to provide spectacular ocean views. 4Land Property group intends to “transform Geraldton” with the master planned community and set what it hopes is a new standard for real estate in Geraldton.

4Land Property Group is a successful developer of house and land packages in Perth suburbs and hopes to surpass previous successes with their development in Geraldton. They see a lot of potential in Geraldton for Perth residents who want to make a “sea change” and don't mind moving 424 km to do it.

4Land Property Group chose Geraldton for a number of positive reasons. They like the location, the climate, the potential for capital growth and the local economy. Geraldton is a hub for the fishing, mining and agricultural industries in the Mid West region. In addition, tourism is huge in Geraldton, with fishing, boating, surfing, windsurfing and kiteboarding considered to be world class there.

Geraldton's CBD, which is next to Geraldton Heights Estate, is growing and provides infrastructure that will more than support a planned community the size of Geraldton Heights Estate. In addition, as a master planned community, Geraldton Heights Estate will eventually build its own infrastructure when it reaches its goal of 2,500 homes.

Stage One consists of 18 lots, on which buyers build their own houses under the Geraldton Heights Estate guidelines. Eventually, Geraldton Heights Estate is slated to consist of 2,500 homes and a full complement of infrastructure and amenities such as schools, shops and medical care.

According to Travis Kell, Development Manager for 4Land Property Group, “We are very proud that Stage One is finally completed. It's only 18 lots out of an eventual 2,500, but we are off to a great start and the office has been busy fielding inquiries.”

Kell continued, “We know that a lot of people who visit from Perth are going to fall in love with Geraldton. It has virtually everything that someone who is sick of the city and wants to make a sea change could want. It is close to the CBD and close to the ocean. Geraldton has enough shops, restaurants and other infrastructure that it is almost like having the amenities of a city, but without the hectic lifestyle. It is so relaxed here that it is almost like stepping back to an earlier time when people weren't in such a hurry or under so much pressure.”

Kell added further, “Those who are in a position to retire will love it here, but so will those who still work. There is a lot of opportunity in Geraldton, thanks to its status as a mining and agriculture hub for the Mid West region. In addition, projected growth is going to provide a lot of jobs for the construction industry as they scramble to provide infrastructure for a growing economy.”

Kell concluded, “There's a lot to like about Geraldton. Come up and see.”

Geraldton Heights Estate is a real estate development in Geraldton. They currently offer property for sale in Stage One, which consists of 18 lots between 2,000 and 2,400 sqm. Call (09) 9301 4445 to learn more or visit their website: http://www.geraldtonheights.com.au/.