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Diary note: ORTEC customer event on new insights and industry trends in logistics

Melbourne, 11 November 2013 - Logistics management software company ORTEC is hosting a seminar in Melbourne for its customers from the logistics and specialist transportation sector.

The event is on 21st November at The Rydges, in Melbourne.

The day, under the theme ‘Optimize Your World’ is designed to be a balance between industry trends, discussions among delegates about shared experiences, and new technologies.

Alan Thomas, Joint Managing Director ORTEC Australia and New Zealand, explains: “It’s a simple phrase, but in practice ‘Optimize Your World’ involves sophisticated systems designed to manage and respond to multiple inputs. For logistics and workforce management operations, and for extended supply chains, these can vary hour by hour, or across longer periods that might be more predictable. When every element is optimized, the process of management becomes easier, and efficiency and profitability improve. This customer day reveals what’s underneath the systems that will be familiar to many in the room, what’s possible, and what will likely influence future thinking.”

Speakers include Martin Savelsbergh, Professor of the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the University of Newcastle (NSW), who will share his view on the growing importance of Operation Research techniques and technologies in business today, and Michael Oskam, Managing Director Global Business Development at ORTEC.

Other topics include employee scheduling, logistics visibility, logistics planning and scheduling, and future product development at ORTEC.

Go to www.ortec.com/australia/customerday for more information.



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