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Outdated and outrated

Which Property Press Release

How many times have you heard the 
line that the value of a property is held 
in its percentage of land ownership?

In the latest issue of Property Insight, Which Property unpacks this long-held belief to see how this statement stacks up in today’s marketplace.

“This statement infers that stand-alone homes will always experience stronger capital growth than apartments”, said Mark Borrill, Managing Director of Which Property.

In the past, when inner-city land was more available, it may have been fair to say that the percentage of land ownership was the most important consideration when investing in property. These days, Australia is experiencing rapid growth and that affects the way we live.

“Real estate trends are constantly evolving and that means many of us need to rethink how we perceive property”, explained Mr Borrill.

When choosing a property, it is essential to weigh up all the considerations rather than rely on generalisations. The adage that the value of a property is held in its percentage of land ownership is simply outdated and outrated. While inner-city apartments may not hold such a large portion of land ownership, the location’s desirability will drive demand and therefore prices in today’s market.

To find out more on changing property trends, check out the latest Property Insight Newsletter from Which Property.

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