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Enterasys Networks announces their Secure Harbour solutions certification training program

Enterasys Networks, a leader in enterprise networking solutions, today extended the scope of its Secure Harbour architecture by introducing the Secure Harbour Solutions Certification Training program.

The program focuses on the industrys first holistic security architecture for complex enterprise networks and will enable employees, customers, and partners to earn an Enterasys Security Specialist (ESS) designation in Secure Harbour.

Enterasys' Secure Harbour is a strategic architecture that takes a holistic approach to network security, thus addressing one of the key issues facing businesses today. The Secure Harbour Solutions Certification Training program is designed to equip channel partners and networking professionals with the knowledge to effectively deploy the most comprehensive security solutions in the industry. The training will be available on a worldwide basis and will include discussion and labs on features and functionality. Among the topics to be covered are:
Secure Harbour Program Overview
NetSight Switch Manager
Aurorean VPN
Dragon Intrusion Detection
Internet Firewalls

Ian Fewtrell, managing director, Enterasys Networks said, "Concerns over cybersabotage, and the protection of corporate information, are driving business to prioritise improved network security. Enterasys is helping to address these concerns by providing the first tools for our channel partners, so that they can solve their customer's security issues.
Business can be assured that when a Secure Harbour Certified organisation implements a solution for them, it will meet the highest standards for security," he said.

The ESS Secure Harbour Solutions course is an integral component of a complete certification track offered by Enterasys. Enterasys Specialist (ES) certification can be earned in any of three areas of Enterasys products and technologies - Switching, Router Configuration, and NetSight Element Manager. Certification as an Enterasys Systems Engineer (ESE) requires all three ES certification. ES and ESE certified technicians have proven the highest level of proficiency with the core Enterasys products and technologies.

Enterasys' Security Specialist (ESS) and Security Systems Engineer (ESSE) certification programs are designed to certify networking professionals in Enterasys-specific security solutions. Both programs focus on the Enterasys Secure Harbour solutions, products, and technologies. Completion of the ESS in Secure Harbour will result in an upgrade of an ESE designation to an ESSE designation.

About Secure Harbour
Secure Harbour is an architectural approach to network security that enables an organisation to monitor, control, or block access to network resources. By doing so, the integrity of the network, and ultimately the business, is protected. This also allows organisations to create comprehensive enterprise security structures that are made possible because they are independent of media or connection type. Offered through Enterasys authorised channels, the Secure Harbour architecture is the first security architecture that encompasses all facets of network infrastructure. Finally, it is an architecture that is scalable to any size of company or network traffic loads.

About Enterasys Networks
Enterasys Networks is the only provider of total network solutions singularly focused on enterprise-class customers. By optimising enterprise network solutions for e-business applications, and by providing global 24 x 7 service and support, Enterasys Networks provides competitive advantage through IT infrastructure to enterprise customers.

With over 15 years of experience in providing solutions to the worlds largest corporate customers, Enterasys Networks is delivering hardware and software solutions that advance the capabilities of e-business focused companies.

Enterasys Networks is focused on providing solutions for the e-business environment of the future, including Voice-over-IP and video convergence, call centre management, advanced application distribution, web hosting and e-business control, enterprise security and VPN solutions.

For more information on Enterasys Networks products and services, please visit our web site at www.enterasys.com. Enterasys Networks financial backers include Silver Lake Partners and Cabletron Systems.

In Australia, Enterasys has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth.