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BlueCross Gardenia Resident Celebrates 100th Birthday


25 November 2013


BlueCross Gardenia Resident Celebrates 100th Birthday

BlueCross Gardenia resident, Mary ‘Molly’ Foley, celebrated her 100th birthday at the Chelsea residence on Thursday 21 November.

Molly shared this remarkable milestone with family and friends with a special afternoon tea at BlueCross Gardenia.

Molly received a lot of mail on the day, including letters from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Governor General Quentin Bryce and Prime Minister Tony Abbot.

BlueCross Residence Manager, Paul Sinclair, said, ‘The birthday was a very special afternoon and felt very positive and upbeat.

‘Molly continued the celebrations with a lunch on the weekend at the netball centre near BlueCross Gardenia.’

Married to her husband Martin in 1940, Molly is proud of her five daughters, 13 grandchildren and 24 great-grandchildren.

Molly considers her family, her most rewarding achievement, to be ‘the greatest ever seen’.

She loves it when her daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren come to BlueCross Gardenia.

‘Molly is a fantastic resident here at BlueCross Gardenia,’ said Mr. Sinclair, ‘she is warm, sharp and free in her expression with a witty sense of humour.’

Molly has always been a musical person, she loved to attend musicals and dances in her youth, and she has kept this alive at BlueCross Gardenia by participating in group singing sessions and poetry groups.

She is very active, participating in happy hours, balloon tennis, church services, footy tipping and many other activities.

BlueCross Gardenia is an aged care residence encouraging an active yet relaxing lifestyle for residents, while embracing the culture of seaside living.

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