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Holden to shut down manufacturing in Australia

Holden’s decision to close down its manufacturing has put over 2000 jobs and the future of automotive industry at risk.

Sydney, December 12, 2013: The auto-industry is still coming to terms with GM Holden’s decision to end manufacturing of cars in Australia from 2017.  The news has not only put jobs at risk, but there is also a growing concern about the direction in which the Australian car industry is heading, after reports suggest that Toyota too, is experiencing pressure on its abilities to manufacture in Australia.

Pierre Moio, Managing director of Carsoffer.com.au Pty limited, a fair online car trading platform launching early next year, said “These are testing times for the car industry in Australia. Holden’s announcement is a wake up call to the manufacturing industry in Australia. Manufacturing generally has been tough in the past decade and Holden’s announcement to shut down manufacturing in Australia confirms the shaky future of the car manufacturing industry.” 

“Mitsubishi first, then Ford, now Holden. Will Toyota be the next casualty? There is clear trend and no one can argue that it comes down to the bottom dollar. Is the government responding accordingly? Have they done all they can to prevent the inevitable? All questions we seek answers to as concerned citizens and questions we demand answers to when more than 2000 fellow Australians’ jobs are affected.”

“All in all, considering that the car giant group has lost $432 million over the past five years and the company openly admitting to losing money on each car it builds in Australia, the decision really comes as no surprise. This then begs the question as to where to lay the blame? Since only 5 out of 100 new cars sold in Australia are made locally, can the ‘Australian Made’ really continue to compete?”

Pierre concluded, “We at least can take comfort in knowing that we live in a country where our Government will not turn its back on the employees and their families who are currently working in industries affected by this decision. We all can play a part in supporting any Government initiative to up-skill and train all those affected and welcome them into other sectors of the Australian labor force.” 

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