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Colour ‘Pops’ through as One of 2013's Newest Event Styling Trends

Phenomenon Creative Event Services reveals the colour trends and how you can incorporate them to set the mood of any event.

Perth, WA, 16 December 2013 – In Perth and elsewhere in the country, savvy folks will start to notice a popular new trend in event production – simply, the widespread use of vivid colours throughout the event venue.

Jeni Donald, Business Development Manager at Phenomenon Creative Event Services in Perth says, “We’ve been witnessing a rise in the trend of colour use as the underlying theme for an event.”

Phenomenon, always at the top of their game in the Western Australian event production industry, is keeping close tabs on upcoming colour trends for 2014. They have relied on the authority of Pantone, the global colour experts, and so far for spring and summer 2013, the popular tones are harmonious and nature inspired. Australians will be seeing lots of vibrant shades, such as Tender Shoots, Monaco Blue, Dusk Blue, Dazzling Blue, Poppy Red, Nectarine, Lemon Zest and Tangerine Tango – refined colours yet completely in tune with the warmer summer months.

“We also keep a watch on what Australian interior decorators are talking about,” Donald says. “Because much of what we do is interior-based, we like to stay on top of the trends and pass that excitement along to our customer base. We want our clients’ events to be as fresh and fun as possible.”

“Our event specialists have been busy brainstorming and we have recently launched a new event theme we like to call ‘Spring Garden,’” Donald says. “With our spectacular topiary grass entry tunnel, pedestal topiary ball urns, green grass hedges, vine and flower garlands that hang vertically from the ceiling, it’s perfect for the casual to classy event.” It utilises loads of green with the confines of a garden motif.

Creating a place for guests to ‘chill’ is an important consideration also. Phenomenon has recently also revealed a new range of pallet furniture. “Scatter lounges with orange, blue and yellow cushions; style hi-bars and coffee tables using a cloche filled with butterflies and enhance the area with white paper lanterns and pontoon lighting overhead for the full garden experience,” Donald says.

Even weddings have been taking advantage of the colour trend. Bold colours can be seen in wedding finery, décor and bridal accessories. Against a white background, colours like green, red, hot pink, or yellow stand out well.

Donald says that there are dozens and dozens of ways to incorporate colour into an event, including flowers, effects lighting, furniture, decor, drapery, table linen, menus, gifts and even the attire worn by event staff.

It’s not just colour that paves the way for a trend – shapes are making a splash as well. During 2013, chevron patterns and geometrical shapes with monochrome colouring have been popular with our clients. Big, bold stripes used as a backdrop have also been seen, especially in black and white themes.

“Don’t hesitate to contact our team of event specialists at Phenomenon with your ideas,” Donald says. “We will work with you to translate your vision into a reality!”

Phenomenon Creative Event Services has earned its reputation for excellence and service in the Perth area. The Phenomenon team will make your next event one to remember! Visit their website at http://www.phenomenon.com.au/, or phone them on 1300 33 9000.