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ARC Church on the Gold Coast

The Association of Related Churches (ARC) Plant on the Gold Coast, Glow Church with Joel and Ellen Cave

The Association of Related Churches (ARC) began partnering with the Australian Christian Churches (ACC) in 2013 to plant churches across Australia. ARC sent a team to help them apply the life giving principles that are used and equip and train them through effective church planting and the processes required. The First plant was a Gold Coast Church called GLOW with Pastors Joel and Ellen Cave.

Recently and successfully, Pastors Joel and Ellen Cave planted Glow Church on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia with 350 people their first weekend. Pastor Joel attended the ALLACCESS Conference in 2013. 

ARC has effectively proven that they can train and equip church planters on how to build your launch team, raise funds, form a worship team, develop your children’s ministry and gain momentum – so you can open your doors with excellence. If you start strong, you have a greater chance of growing strong.

One of the foundational benefits of planting a church under the ARC model is solid relationships. ARC believes that these are the foundation for growth in any aspect of life. As ARC churches multiply across the country, you’r joining an ever-expanding group of minsters who are committed to one another’s success.

Another benefit of planting a church under the model is, ARC invests financially into the vision of starting new churches.

Joel and Ellen Cave have been pastoring on the Gold Coast for more than 8 years now and 6 months into the Glow Church plant are proving to be very effective ministers of the Gospel on the Gold Coast.

Glow Church is a thriving community of believers and in only 6 months have already secured themselves a permanent building of their own which will be home for the more than 400 Gold Coaster’s that attend regularly.

Keep your eyes on GLOW Church and Joel and Ellen Cave in 2014.