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It's Not Too Late to Provide Clients with Branded Desktop Calendars

Vendor of promotional products in Perth reveals why January can be a perfect time to give promotional calendars to clients.

Perth, WA, 6 January 2014 - Promotional giveaway products have long been known to be one of the most effective ways to promote brand recognition and brand awareness; branded desktop calendars are a Perth business staple. While traditional wisdom says to give calendars away during November or December, many businesses have found that it is just as effective to give branded desktop calendars away in January, when the new year is already in effect.

Many businesses have had great results by giving branded desktop calendars away during the traditional period of November and December, but many have also noticed that calendars can get lost at the bottom of a desk drawer if they are given away too early. In January, many people don't have calendars on their desks and are grateful to receive one.

The Concept of Desktop Real Estate

“Desktop real estate” might not sound familiar to many, but the concept has been around for a long time in the promotional products business. Many Perth firms have benefited from knowing that desktop space is some of the most valuable real estate around for advertising a business.

The real estate on the top of a desk is viewed by many as the place where the most cost-effective advertising in business is done. Most people with “desk jobs” spend a majority of their workday within reasonable proximity of their desks. Anything on top of that desk, whether a calendar, a sticky note holder or a pen set will be seen numerous times a day by the desk “owner” and anyone who stops by to chat.

“Desktop real estate” is seen by most in the advertising industry as more valuable than a billboard and more valuable than a business sign. Desktop items such as branded calendars are inexpensive and produce staggering amounts of advertising impressions over the course of an entire year.

In addition, the quality of an advertising impression from a free branded calendar is a lot higher than an impression in any other medium. This is due to the fact that people feel grateful when they receive free items that are useful to them. Whenever a person sees a free promotional item on the desk, they are reminded of the company that provided it, and the impression is always positive.

Scott Eaton, Owner of ImagePak Marketing, is very familiar with the effects promotional products can have on a company's bottom line. According to Mr Eaton: “We have been providing promotional products in the Perth area for a long time and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback over the years. That is why we have received so many repeat orders and people have expanded to try other products than the ones they originally used to promote their businesses.”

Mr Eaton continued, “We have always produced great results with branded desktop calendars. They never fail to produce positive feedback from our clients. You only have to give them away at the beginning of the year and they give you twelve months of positive advertising impressions.”

Mr Eaton concluded: “We carry a lot of other promotional products besides desktop calendars that also work very well, such as apparel that can be branded with embroidery or screen printing. We would like to wish everyone happy holidays.”

ImagePak Marketing specialises in promotional products, embroidery, screen printing and safety clothing in the Perth area. To learn more, call (08) 92444 111 or visit their website: http://www.imagepak.com.au/.