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TCL showcases Curved Ultra-HD, OLED and Holographic Display TV Technology at 2014 International CES

Additional innovations include new 110-inch Ultra-HD, Disney TV, Ultimate TV with Touch Pen

January 7, 2013

TCL showcases Curved Ultra-HD, OLED and Holographic Display Technology at 2014 International CES

-          Next Generation TV Products Deliver Never-Before-Seen Entertainment Experience

-          New Range Available to Australian retailers upon Global Launch

-          Additional innovations include new 110-inch Ultra-HD, Disney TV, Ultimate TV with Touch Pen

Images available for download via: http://www.flickr.com/photos/96609503@N02/

LAS VEGAS – Continuing its global leadership in TV technology and innovation, TCL today announced details of a new range of products that are being showcased at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, January 7-10, 2014.  TCL’s product lineup features high-performance TVs equipped with industry-leading display capabilities such as OLED, curved Ultra-HD, holographic display and sensor technology. Additionally, TCL will exhibit devices that enable digital painting and music composition, echoing the company’s slogan “The Creative Life.”  

As a top-tier market of importance for TCL globally, Australian retailers will have access to this exciting new range upon global launch. TCL now ranks in the top three largest TV brands worldwide by sales in 2013.

TCL Product Lineup at CES 2014

TCL Curved Ultra-HD TV: The TCL Curved Ultra-HD TV enables a wide-angle viewing experience not possible on flat screens.  As one of the first brands to pass rigorous 4K  Ultra-HD testing and certification in China, TCL integrated the 4K Ultra-HD technology standard with its sophisticated curved screen manufacturing technology to a deliver TV that is curved to the arc angle of the retina, resulting in a truer picture that minimizes eye strain. 

TCL zSpace TV: Powered by cutting edge virtual-holographic 3D imagery from zSpace, the TCL zSpace TV system enables projection of 3D images outside the TV screen and interaction with the holographic display. The display system consists of the TV screen, an infrared pen and 3D glasses and frees images previously restricted to the TV screen; images on the screen can be transferred off the screen as a hologram.  At the booth, TCL will be exhibiting a virtual-holographic 3D model of the legendary TCL Chinese Theater on the TCL zSpace TV system. 

110-inch Ultra HD China Star TV: Leveraging the expertise of TCL subsidiary, China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT), the 110-inch China Star Ultra-HD TV integrates a variety of technologies to provide consumers a unique viewing experience. With high-end exposure processing procedure technology, oversize polarizer attaching technology and advanced backlight source technology, the China Star TV is the most advanced oversize display screen in China. Fully compatible with cloud TV technology, the China Star TV enables multi-picture sharing for consumers, so families can watch their favorite programs simultaneously in HD.

55-inch TCL OLED TV: The TCL 55-inch OLED TV promises incomparable picture quality and colour restoration in a sleek, ultra-thin design. Compared to traditional LCD TVs, OLED TVs offer enhanced brightness, wider colour gamut, higher contrast and faster response with lower power consumption to create a spectacular viewing experience. 

TCL-Xkey: Developed and produced by CME, the Xkey keyboard simulates a piano keyboard and conforms to the player’s finger memory and playing habits. Offering a significant size and weight advantage, the Xkey is the world's only truly portable music companion. The TCL-Xkey TV configuration and exclusive customized music software brings the music composition and playback experience to larger screens for the first time.

TCL Disney TV: In partnership with the Walt Disney Company, and Hangzhou LivenTop Technology Company, the TCL Disney TV is the world’s first TV to support distance sensor technology that prevents children from watching at unsafe distances and parental controls to monitor time spent watching TV. The design of the TCL Disney TV features an illustrated TV frame with popular Disney characters and a matching remote. The TV’s user interface incorporates the Disney characters into three interchangeable themes and is loaded with games to promote healthy cognitive development in children and teens.

85-inch Ultimate TV with Touch Pen: Designed with artists in mind, the 85-inch Ultimate TV with Touch Pen enables consumers to create art directly on the TV screen. Equipped with various painting tools, the Touch-Pen gives consumers the ability to create artwork that simulates various mediums like oil paint on canvas and pencil sketch on paper. Additionally, the interactive platform can be used in a classroom environment as a digital chalkboard.

“The global scope of CES makes it the ideal stage to unveil our newest product offerings such as the TCL line of OLED, Curved Ultra-HD TVs and the TCL X-key,” said Hao E,  CEO, TCL Multimedia and Vice President of TCL Corporation. “This year’s lineup also features several products co-developed by our international partners and demonstrates our increasing global footprint as a leader in technology and entertainment.”

About TCL

TCL Corporation (TCL) is one of the largest consumer electronics groups in China. The Group’s global production and sales network spans over 80 countries and regions, selling TCL brand television sets, mobile phones and household appliances, along with Thomson televisions and Alcatel mobile phones. With 40 sales offices around the world and around 70,000 employees, TCL operates 18 R&D centers, with more than ten centers in Asia, North America and Europe, and owns 20 manufacturing bases in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

In 2012, TCL Corporation achieved global sales of US$11.2 billion with 10.9 million LCD TV sets and 43.6 million handsets sold globally. The TCL brand was worth more than US$9.4 billion in 2012, and continues to hold the No. 1 TV brand position in China today.

TCL Electronics Australia Pty Ltd commenced in late 2004 and is committed to providing customers with quality product and exceptional local after-sales support and service. Locally, TCL’s product range includes television and refrigeration, and is available in Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, Betta Home Living, Retravision, Bing Lee, Radio Rentals and other selected retailers. For more information, please visit www.tclelectronics.com.au

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