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Colour Reigns Supreme As Sydney Becomes Rad

Color Me Rad 5K Announces First Australia Race Opening

SYDNEY, January 6, 2014 – Sydney runners are gearing up for the most colour-saturating run of the year as Color Me Rad 5K announces its first Australian race on Feb. 23rd at Sydney Motor Sport Park In this un-timed event, the focus is purely on fun, and the fitness is an added bonus.

Participants start off with a t-shirt as white as the freshest pair of knickers. Then they will get bombarded with colours as they make their way through the 5k course.  By the time runners cross the finish line, they’ll look like a kindergarten art project gone oh-so-right.  Each finisher is greeted with massive dance parties, colour throws, and colour blasters.

Color Me Rad is a for-profit company that gives a portion of the proceeds from each race to the community through a partnered charity at each location. For the Sydney run, Color Me Rad partnered with the Australian Cancer Research Foundation, a charity that pays for and provides researchers with the proper tools to battle cancer effectively.

Inspired by the Holi Festival of India, a group of friends decided to bring excitement to the sport of running through colour, music, and a total disregard for the mundane. More than 950,000 runners across North America have participated in Color Me Rad. The non-competitive atmosphere makes this family friendly run an accessible event to all. “That’s what this 5K is all about.  People here in Australia are fun, fit and exciting,” said race coordinator Rob Capogna. “We want to put that energy to good use and throw the best colour party ever.”

Registration is available at www.colormerad5k.com.au, or check out what fans have to share at www.facebook.com/colormerad5k