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ACRF Joins New Partner in Fight Against Cancer

Show your true colours and help fight cancer

SYDNEY January 12, 2014 - Color Me RAD is working in tandem with the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) to help fight all forms of cancer. The ACRF is a unique charity where 100% of all donations taken in by them go directly to funding world class research and facilities around Australia. The annual cost of treating cancer in Australia is more than $2 Billion, that’s why every gift to charity – large or small – coming through their doors is celebrated.

Since its inception in 1984, the ACRF has become a leading cancer charity and not-for-profit organisation in Australia. They have awarded over $95 Million in cancer research grants to world-class research initiatives, two-thirds of that amount in the last eight years. The ACRF is committed to speeding up discoveries for this devastating disease which affects one in three Australians.

ACRF joins Color Me Rad for its inaugural 5k run in Sydney where a portion of the runs proceeds are donated to the research foundation to help in the fight with cancer. Like the ACRF, Color Me Rad wants to help each community, big or small, as it moves around the country throwing running events.  Color Me Rad’s goal is to leave their mark with not only a storm of colour, but by creating a healthier, happier and stronger Australia.  

On February 23rd Color Me Rad will change the running world forever. Gear up for the most colour saturating 5k as Color Me Rad opens registration to over 75,000 runners in 2014. This run isn’t about medals, or running your best time. The run is about getting silly, going nuts for colour throws, colour cannons and getting wrapped up in the rainbow.

Imagine William Wallace leading a water balloon fight on steroids that drenches everyone from head to toe with coloured powder.   You start off with a t-shirt as white as your freshest pair of knickers. And then, get bombarded with the colours of the rainbow as you make your way through the 5k course.  By the time runners cross the finish line, they’ll look like a kindergarten project gone oh-so right.  Each finisher is greeted with massive dance parties, colour throws, and colour blasters as they meet at the stage.

You can be a part of this great team by signing up online at www.colormerad5k.com.au.  Join them as they colour the skies and lead the way to a cancer free Australia.