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Fast gowing taxi app offers a simpler payment alternative to Cabcharge

Taxi app provides convenient busienss accounts to pay for taxi fares, eliminating the need for reimbursing employees or handing out Cabcharge vouchers.

Based in Melbourne and released in December 2013, CabCue will bridge the communication gap between passengers and taxi drivers. With a few simple taps on the app, CabCue will send a passengers taxi booking directly to the closest taxi available using GPS coordinates for the passenger and available taxi drivers. Passengers can then track the approaching taxi, will see a profile picture of the driver and are able to call the driver directly in case any directions or instructions are required. Once the journey is completed, passengers can conveniently pay using their pre-registered credit card, PayPal, Cash, or use the available credit card facilities within the taxi. 


CabCue is also the only app on the market that offers Business and Family Accounts. The free business accounts allow businesses to add an unlimited number of employees who can use CabCue on their smart phone to hail and pay for taxis. All taxi charges can then be made directly to the business account. The business will then get real-time reporting of all taxi trips taken by their employees, which can be exported for financial processing. These business accounts and the detailed reporting eliminates the need for reimbursing employees or handing out Cabcharge vouchers. The same features are available to Family Accounts.


“Life can get busy. With this app the inconvenience of hailing a cab curbside or reimbursing employees for business-related taxi travel is obsolete,” says CabCue founder Mr. Dzevad Kapic. Available taxis are filtered based on the passengers GPS location in relation to taxi drivers and a booking request  is sent to taxi drivers close by, independent of the taxi operator they work for. “At the end of the day, passengers don’t care about what taxi company they travel with, they just want to get a cab quickly,” says Dzevad Kapic.

CabCue offers significant efficiency improvements with convenient, secure payment and reporting features for individual users, families and businesses alike.


CabCue is free to download and available on iTunes store and Google Play. The app is compatible with iPhone and any Android phone. The Windows version is due for release shortly.



Users may learn more on www.cabcue.com and view a video on www.cabcue.com/how-it-works.


Download the app here:

To download the app go to www.cabcue.com and follow the link for iPhone or Android download, or simply search for CabCue in your app store.