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A helping hand when dealing with grief

NEW eBook

ACS Distance Education has published a new eBook on grief and loss called ‘Helping people cope with Grief or Crisis- Getting through Difficult times’.  Whether you want help for yourself, are providing support for somebody you care for or are a professional counsellor, this eBook provides real insight into how people handle grief or crisis and practical tips on how to help them.

Everyone encounters both good and bad times as they move through life. Some people do not cope as well with the bad times as others. The ability to cope with difficult periods in one’s life can be influenced by both internal and external factors. Some people have the personality and life skills to deal with anything they confront with pragmatism and acceptance; adjusting to the situation and moving on with their life. Others though, can become disillusioned, depressed and lost for a solution of how to move forward. 

When we talk about grief, we often refer to people going through different stages until they come to accept their loss or bereavement. Stage models of grief are just one way of conceptualizing the grieving process.

This book explains that these stages can occur not only when a person is bereaved, but also after other losses. For example, if a person loses a breast through cancer, is raped, or physically attacked. The person will grieve and often go through similar stages. They are grieving the loss of their previous life, their life before cancer or before the attack.

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