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US property market open wide for Aussie investors priced out of local market

Aussie investors looking to get into the property market should look offshore to the USA, which has bargains begging to be snapped up.

Anthony Verner, CEO of United Property International, said with many Australians unable to afford investing in their own backyard, the USA has vacant land and developed properties available at wholesale prices.

“The impact of the global financial crisis is still being felt around the world, the USA government is selling off land and homes at auctions,” he said.

“For those who have been leveraged out of the Australian market, or the lending institutions don’t want to give you any money, there are numerous opportunities to dip their toes in the water for a fraction of the cost of buying in Australia.”

Sydney-based Navneet Singh has been investing in the Australian property market for years until prices got too high.

“I just could not keep my local portfolio growing. So I started looking at the US market and have since purchased over 20 properties,” he said.

“I no longer need in excess of $50,000 for a deposit because I have bought US property for as little as $1,800.

“If Anthony had not shown me how he does it, I would have thought it was not possible.”

In Australian there is a benchmark for property prices. There is a higher percentage difference in the USA property market prices, giving more scope especially when selling.

Anthony said this strategy is ideal for those who over capitalised or are wishing to get into the property market and have been priced out of it.

“Investing in the USA is easy and safe because properties are purchased directly from the US Government and there virtually is no stamp duty,” he said.

“If you are battling away trying to save enough to buy a property or qualify for a loan in Australia, this is a good approach especially if you have a few thousand at hand.”

For those new to the property market, especially young investors who think they don’t have enough money to invest, this is a great solution.

Anthony said you can pick up a property for as little as couple of grand.

“That really changes the whole outlook of whether it is affordable or not,” he said.

“Take Nav, he purchased a property for $1,800 and the county where it is values that property at $7,000.”

“The price he paid was less than what is sold for 45 years ago.”

Learning how to buy it directly from the source is key, so buyers have control.