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Australia acknowledges its entrepreneurial talent

Australia Trip Planner is in the running for the StartupSmart 2014 People’s Choice Award.

Australia Trip Planner is one of the top contenders for the StartupSmart 2014 People’s Choice Awards, being announced on 26 March.

These small business awards acknowledge the tears, tantrums, heartache and long hours that go into creating and maintaining a small business.

Lisa Murray, Director of Australia Trip Planner said: “I am so excited to be one of the small businesses contending for the People’s Choice Awards and I urge as many people to cast their vote for me. It only takes a minute to vote, so click here and put your support behind Australia Trip Planner.”

She said these awards are an opportunity to look at some of the ‘good business and financial news out there.

“Unfortunately, there’s so much bad news out there in terms of company and job losses. We have a dreadful situation with Qantas cutting jobs and losing market share, car manufacturers shutting up shop (and jobs being lost), and our amazing and resilient farmers having suffered for so long financially, emotionally and physically because of drought.

“These awards inspire small businesses to have faith and believe in themselves to make it happen. There are opportunities out there, we just need to have the courage to have go. Sometimes we fail but all these experiences are part of the footprint that create our success stories.”

Australia Trip Planner was launched in November last year with the intention of helping people have the best holiday of their lives, and giving them direct access to great holiday savings. Australia Trip Planner provides information and advice, and creates customised holiday itineraries for people planning a holiday in Australia. 

Australia Trip Planner gives people a personalised itinerary with recommended activities and booking links, empowering them to plan and book their holiday directly, and make great savings.

Lisa said: “I truly believe that Australia Trip Planner will be an Australian small business success story and I urge you to vote your support.”

Click here to cast your vote.