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Addax assists NECA to get wired for peak performance with Greentree

Greentree's total integration is set to charge up the National Electrical and Communications Association in WA

In deciding to upgrade its ERP system to better handle a complex structure of business entities, the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) in Western Australia, chose Greentree over two other contenders.  "The other systems we looked at were very boxed and closed," says Finance Manager Jackie Horner.  "Greentree just seemed very open - you could see the advantages to it going forward.   It was all about the future."

Greentree Partner, Addax, were also a fundamental part of the decision making. "We have a very happy relationship with Addax", explains Jackie Horner, "they're the experts and they've guided us well."

As a result of the implementation a two-day shutdown every month of primary accounting processes is now a thing of the past. Greentree displays posting dates, allowing NECA's financial section to keep working while the monthly reconciliations are being completed.

NECA reports a number of other advantages: Read the full story