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A New Service to Save Celebrities on Social Media

Celebrities have to deal with fame, fortune and copious amounts of sex and drugs. Accurate and offence-free social media posts should be one burden they need not carry

On Instagram yesterday Beyonce announced that Tasmania was a country. This is the last straw for The Expert Editor, who have today announced an unprecedented new service for celebrities everywhere.

The Expert Editor is offering its editorial services, free of charge, to any celebrity (even the B grade ones) who want their social media updates edited for language, expression and idiocy. As part of its service The Expert Editor will review every update to ensure it doesn't make them look silly or cause grievous offence. The company will apply a healthy dose of common sense to be a gatekeeper against the ridiculous.

Celebrities have a sad history of making fools of themselves on social media.

  • Wolverine star Hugh Jackman came under fire when one of his tweets mistakenly called the Sydney Opera House, the “Opera Center”.

  • A US Congressman, Anthony Weiner, tweeted a photo of his nether regions

  • NFL star Rashad Mendenhall disclosed his pro-terror bias on Twitter, where he lamented the death of Osama Bin Laden. “We’ve only heard one side”, he demured.  

Celebrities wield enormous power and any slip up or faux pas can have global repercussions. If Tasmania had any wrath, they would surely have used it against Beyonce; instead, they’ll probably just threaten an apple embargo. Sydney-siders still haven’t forgiven Hugh Jackman for his blatant act of anti-Australianism, both the misnaming of the Opera House and the American spelling of “centre”.

Brendan Brown, the Director of The Expert Editor, says that celebrities deserve help. “We're on the side of the celebrity. It's not easy being a movie star or super model; they have to deal with fame, fortune, wicked parties and copious amounts of sex and drugs. Accurate and offence-free social media posts should be one burden they need not carry.”

“My only regret is that we did not offer this service earlier. We could have avoided young people being exposed to a politician’s willy or a sports star lauding an arch-terrorist”, says Brendan.

The Expert Editor will not discriminate between celebrities; if they have a public profile, the editing company will help them. “We don’t care about how they came to fame, as long as they are famous”, says Brendan. “Fame in itself is a virtue, whether earned or not. I don’t care if we are approached by Jason Federline or Pope Francis - we will help them navigate the tricky world of 140 character microblogging.”

The Expert Editor encourages any celebrity to visit their website at http://www.experteditor.com.au. All they need to do is detail their claim to fame, their Klout score and give them unfettered access to their social media account. Every time the celebrity posts, one of The Expert Editor’s skilled editors will review it and either allow it to enter the World Wide Web or else destroy it forever.  

About The Expert Editor

We are a professional editing company based in Australia. We love celebrities but hate when they act like idiots on social media. Visit our website at http://www.experteditor.com.au.