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The Job Hunting Experience Reimagined: Introducing the New CareerOne

CareerOne unveils new solutions and experiences for job seekers and businesses as part of innovative strategic vision

Sydney, March 11, 2014 - CareerOne, one of Australia’s leading digital employment brands, has redefined the entire Jobs marketplace , today revealing a new and improved Careerone.com.au and product roadmap for both consumer and business users. The new products include the introduction of a skills marketplace at careerone.com.au, as well as new virtual products and job targeting solutions that will change the job-hunting experience.

“Over the past 12 months CareerOne has been hard at work re-imagining our consumer and business propositions to become more relevant and competitive in the changing jobs landscape,” says Karen Lawson, CEO CareerOne.

“Workers increasingly want freedom[1], while employers are struggling to fill talent gaps[2]. And despite the "war for talent", highly skilled graduates are finding it difficult to get jobs[3],” she says.

Introducing the Skills Marketplace at careerone.com.au

There is a lot of spare capacity in the labour market that is not being used due to a lack of tools matching demand for labour with supply. Consumers in different life stages or occupations want to earn money for their time. In addition the retiree, traveller and student market provides an expansive labour set that can be matched for short-term work.

Recognising this trend CareerOne’s new enhanced website helps consumers monetise their time by allowing them to define work on their own terms, helping them to match their capacity to work to a variety of short-term, full time and task based jobs on the market.  Using CareerOne, consumers can search for work in their local area by a simple task (i.e. paint my home), to full time careers, jobs overseas or anything in between, as well as across a variety of skills sets.

Push into Casual Listings

CareerOne will be unveiling a new casual listing service to help businesses recruit casual employees, as part of the its continued push into the casual and short-term jobs market.

The casual jobs market is huge in Australia and growing. There were 110,000 fewer full-time jobs and 106,000 more part-time jobs in January 2014 compared to two years ago. The casual listing service builds on CareerOne’s data assets and media network to allow market-leading targeting across industry sectors and skills such as hospitality or FMCG.

“By the end of FY2015 we will have more tasks and casual jobs on our platform than part time and full time jobs,” Karen Lawson says.

“This will have a number of positive impacts on the business including a significant increase in traffic and engagement, as casual job hunters are returning to the site every week or two rather than every year which will also grow their cookie data sets to grow our targeting business."

New Targeting Solutions for Businesses

Referral Amplifier: Research shows that referral hires are the best source of hires for a company. Starting this month, CareerOne’s new Referral Amplifier offers companies a simple way to tap their employees' networks and increase referral hires, resulting in improved employee satisfaction, performance, retention and company profits. Using Monster Worldwide’s award winning 6Sense matching technology, CareerOne has developed a simple three-step referral platform that significantly increases referral hires. Find out more about Referral Amplifier.

”Be Found” – Talent Database: The database is designed to be the ideal tool for both active and passive candidates. This will better connect employers to candidates in their local and metro communities using Monster Worldwide’s award-winning 6sense matching technology. Job seekers will be able to use this advanced technology from June to assist their online searches for jobs, returning matches aligned to their skills sets and experience as opposed to a key word search.

CareerOne now offers Virtual Solutions for Business

Video screening: Available later this month CareerOne’s Video Screening product is a new timely way for companies to screen candidates.  The Virtual Events sector, which includes video recruitment, is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 53% until 2016[4]. Find out more about Video Screening.

Virtual Environments:  The rise in the importance of employer branding to attract staff is becoming increasingly important. 47% of the workforce now comprise millennial employees who place higher value on a company culture, rewards and the feeling of belonging in the workplace rather than just salary alone. With this in mind CareerOne is introducing a virtual recruitment platform that integrates video, social media, webinars and rich content to enable companies to effectively market their culture and opportunities across the whole business.


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About CareerOne

CareerOne is one of Australia’s leading digital employment and media brands and is and is a 50/50 joint venture between News Corp (NASDAQ:NWS) and Monster Worldwide (NYSE:MWW). CareerOne offers a unique job-hunting experience and innovative corporate solutions for candidate sourcing, talent management, and employer branding. CareerOne’s solutions go beyond the traditional job board and offer customers the ability to target talent across thousands of websites, manage their talent with market-leading cloud technology, and promote their company using customised virtual environments. CareerOne’s unique job hunting experience helps people monetise their time with thousands of full time, part time and casual jobs, hundreds of tasks and the ability to be head-hunted by employers.



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